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94-04 NV4500 5 Speed South Bend Street DD 650HP Clutch w/Input Shaft

94-04 NV4500 South Bend Street DD 650HP Clutch w/Input Shaft




South Bend Clutch 13” diaphragm style organic/ceramic clutch with 3250lb pressure plate & 1 3/8" input shaft offers maximum holding power with easy pedal effort. 


  • Clutch discs are a dampened free travel design similar to a semi clutch to help reduce gear roll-over.
  • Multi Friction disc with 12 Organic Buttons on one side and 12 Ceramic Buttons on the other side
  • The ceramic buttons will be facing the center plate. This will increase the holding power as well as increase the temperature capabilities to the intermediate plate.
  • One of a kind dampened center place eliminates rattle when clutch is released
  • Neoprene dampeners for quiet operation
  • Re-designed dual friction clutch
  • Diaphragm style pressure plate with light pedal pressure
  • 12 ceramic buttons per side of disc
  • 3250 lb. plate load
  • Includes 1.375" upgraded billet input shaft

Holds 650HP at the wheels! 

Includes: Flywheel, pressure plate, clutch discs, throwout bearing, floater plate, clutch fork, throwout bearing, clutch alignment tool, 1.375" input shaft kit, and mounting hardware. 

Hydraulic Upgraded Recommended for NV4500 transmissions.

THIS IS A NON-SFI CLUTCH! Which means they are for street and off road use only, not recommended for competition use. They hold the power but are not made for the abuse of sled pulling. If you are going to sled pull please take a look at our non ductal flywheel dual disc clutches.

South Bend Clutch: SDD3250-5K

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