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94-04 Dodge TS Performance Torque Converter Lockup Controller

94-04 Dodge TS Performance Torque Converter Lockup Controller


Product discontinued


Works on:
1994-2004 Dodge Automatic Trucks. Will not work with late 2004 trucks with the tow-haul button on the shift lever.

The TS Performance Torque Converter Lock-UP allows you to lock and un-lock your torque converter at the speed of your choice.  Most factory converters lock up at high speeds, and un-lock when off the throttle.  This can cause increased temperatures due to friction between the converter and flywheel.  It will also inhibit vehicle performance and fuel economy lock at high speeds.

The converter can work in conjunction with an exhaust brake to help slow the engine speeds instead of relying completely on the brakes to slow the truck.  By programming the converter to un-lock at a low speed it will help to stop the truck.

By allowing the operator to choose the speed the converter locks and un-locks results in:

  • Reduce operating temperatures of the transmission and torque converter
  • Reduce overheating and wear of brakes.
  • Improved acceleration
  • Programmable locking speed
  • Programmable un-locking speed
  • Improved Fuel Economy


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