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94-02 Dodge 2500/3500 4x4 Carli Bilstein 2.65 Suspension System

94-02 Dodge 2500/3500 4x4 Carli Bilstein 2.65 Suspension System




Bilstein 2.65 Dodge Ram Suspension System

The newest member of the Carli Suspension family of Dodge Ram systems that has already lead to substantial advancement in our concept of shock tuning. Bilstein's billet 7075 aluminium piston features more tunability through variable bleed shims. Previously we worked with three free bleed ports that are even open or closed. With the introduction of this technology, we are able to cascade the knowledge throughout the entire family of suspension systems. This has rendered quite a surprise where the on-road performance was so good initially, we figured that the off-road tuning would be a journey... we figured. This system is incredibily capable and so far, its performance is equal both on and off road and it keeps getting better. Bilstein 2.65 shocks are derived from their exclusive Blackhawk bypass race products.


  •     03 - 09 2500 / 3500 4x4
  •     06 - 09 1500 Megacab 4x4
  •     98.5 - 02 2500 / 3500 4x4 (requires track bar conversion bracket)
  •     94 - 98 2500 / 3500 4x4 (requires track bar conversion bracket)
  •     2010-2012 2500 / 3500 4x4



  •     Bilstein 2.65 Remote Reservoir Shocks
  •     5 Leaf Progressive Add-a-Pack
  •     Multi-Rate Coil Springs
  •     Zinc Plated U-Bolts
  •     Stainless Sway Bar End Links With Rod Ends
  •     Billet Shock Towers
  •     Limit Straps
  •     Adjustable Track Bar
  •     High Misalignment Spacers
  •     Reservoir Mounts

Maximum Performance

Bilstein 2.65 With Jounce StopsThe Bilstein 2.65 9100 series shocks offered by Carli Suspension come with Jounce Stops at the base of the shaft. This is a specially designed durometer rubber stop that assists with the final 2.5 inches of compression dampening.

What you feel is an even smoother transition from compression dampening to full bump travel. These are intended to augment the current bumpstop, whether that is factory rubber stops, or Carli's hydro-pneumatic bump stop. It's just one more layer of protection from massive compression events and an additional seat of your pants improvement and increase in comfort.

Both front and rear 9100 series shocks are offered with Jounce Stops.

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