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89-07 Cummins Braided Heater Hoses



Looking to fix your leaking heater hoses and clean up your engine bay? Don’t worry, Full Send Diesel has the solution! This kit is made to replace your leaking heater hoses for good! It uses only the best #10AN braided hose and fittings. This kit comes with all necessary hardware to install! This is a direct replacement for trucks with manual transmissions that do not have the heat exchanger on the side of the block. If your truck is automatic this kit will bypass the notorious heat exchanger and include the necessary hardware to do so. The heat exchanger is designed to cool and warm the transmission fluid by using fluid to fluid cooling technologies. The issue is when the exchanger fails internally and mix’s your transmission fluid and coolant, in return it destroys your transmission. Bypassing it we have seen on several trucks an average decrease of about 10 degrees of average transmission fluid temperature. Please keep in mind that if you live where it is very cold your transmission will take longer to get to operating temperature. 

Part number: FSD-HHK

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