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6.7L Cummins S300 Conversion Kit

07.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins HTT Direct Fit S300 Conversion Kit

List price: $1,599.00  


You save: $159.90 (10%)


If you're tired of having troubles with that factory VGT turbocharger but don't want to go through the hassle of converting everything under the hood with labor intensive install kits, this is the answer. This DIRECT FIT S300 VGT Fix-It Kit bolts directly to your factory manifold and reuses all the factory piping. There is no need to remove the manifold or EGR system to install, making the labor time to convert much easier. lt bolts right up to the factory exhaust elbow and down pipe, reuses the factory style airbox, reuses your factory intercooler charge pipe and even your factory oil feed line. We include the required water line delete plugs and longer oil drain tube. This is the easiest to install and most inexpensive option on the market to get rid of that troublesome VGT. 

-Choice of compressor wheel size

62mm Best for Stock to 50hp Tune PN 13009097056-cpcx-vg (best for cab & chassis trucks)
63mm Best for Heavy Towing with 50-100hp Tune PN 13009097047-cpcx-vg 
64.5mm Best for Towing and 80-150hp Tunes PN 13009097055-cpcx-vg
66mm Best for Light Towing and Hot Street Performance (150+ Tunes) PN 13009097049-cpcx-vg

-No manifold required
- True Direct Fit Turbocharger
- Installs no different than swapping out a stock turbo, 
- All required hardware included

**Custom tuning will be required

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