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TS Performance MP-8 2007.5+ 6.7L Dodge Cummins Power Module

Light Duty Truck Series

  • Easy Installation
  • Plug & Play

  • Undectable
  • Does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer

  • Excellent Choice for towing
  • Does not increase exhaust temperatures & increases fuel mileage. The MP-8 offers a 2-4mpg increase!

  • In-Cab Adjustable
  • 0 – 100 hp increase on Ford, Dodge & Chevy applications
  • 0 – 50 hp increase on Jeep Liberty CRD & Dodge Sprinter Van

  • Stackable
  • The MP-8 is one of the most popular stacking modules on the market!

Pure Diesel Power part Number TS 1110304 (TS Performance Power Play MP-8 )

This module is Plug and Play. The Mp-8 produces 100+ hp and only takes minutes to install.

Question: What is the max fuel pressure that the MP-8 will produce?

Answer: The TS Performance MP-8 does not exceed 26,000 psi of fuel rail pressure. The factory fuel rail pressure can be ran 29,000 all day long and not damage anything. ( That info came direct from BOSCH).

Question: How does the MP-8 make 100hp+ without raising rail pressure beyond factory specs?

Answer: The Mp-8 is the only box on the market of it’s kind. Both the map sensor and the fuel pressure sensor are fully programmable. By reprogramming the map sensor signal you achieve several things… 1) since the map senor thinks it is at different boost level it will add injection timing accordingly. 2) This is the primary reason we don’t have to raise rail pressure beyond factory specs and risk damaging engines.

Question: Is the MP-8 a timing box?Answer: No it is not, however with the ability to reprogram the map sensor we can add injection timing to fit the consumers application.

Question: Can the MP-8 be stacked with other Modules?
Answer: Yes it can be. Make sure the box you are attempting to stack has different functions.( Such as TST etc.) I would also recommend contacting TS Performance before attempting this.

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