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Fuel Related Parts

From Cummins Cummins

Set of 3 Fuel Control Actuator FCA Screws Fits 03+ 5.9L/6.7L Cummins   Cummins part number: 4932790


Titan Extra large Capacity Diesel Fuel Tanks

TITAN™ Fuel Tanks utilize common sense design features, which simplify installation. They reuse most of the stock components, including the existing sending unit. The tank itself is nearly indestructible, but light enough to be hefted by one or two people. While a vehicle hoist and transmission jack are ideal, hand tools will get the job done. Anyone who travels or pulls a payload knows how often the factory-equipped fuel tank needs to be refilled. Save time by decreasing the frequency between pit stops with a TITAN high capacity fuel tank.

55 Gallon extra heavy duty cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. Tank comes with powder-coated steel mounting strap set, extruded rubber mounting bushings, vent hose, rollover safety vent valve, seals and required clamps.

**2011 trucks need fuel line extension kit #029907, Please select below**

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From BD Power BD Power

 Adjusts Rail Pressure Relief Valve

This inexpensive kit allows adjustments of the rail pressure relief valve on Duramax LLY/LBZ engines. Includes genuine Bosch shims.

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From Bosch Bosch

6.7L Bosch Connector Tube Set Includes: 6 ea. New Bosch 6.7L Connector Tubes Cummins part number: 2872395 Replaces Mopar- 5175565AC...


07.5+ Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesel .120 High Flow Fuel Connector Tubes Includes new o-rings. Recommended if you have a modified or dual cp3 setup....

From Cummins Cummins

Single hold down. Quantity 6(six) needed for entire replacement. Cummins OEM. Optional bolts available above. Cummins part number: 5259180

Eliminates low fuel pressure rail diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) such as P1093 (low fuel pressure during power regiment) Maintains fuel pressure during full...


The Shibby Rail Cap is designed to “block-off” your factory pressure relief valve. Over time, factory pressure relief valves can leak and cause...


The Sinister Diesel Race Fuel Rail Plug replaces the stock or shimmed pressure relief valve. Removing the stock pressure relief valve will help maintain fuel rail pressure during full throttle driving by completely blocking the pressure relief port. It also helps eliminate low fuel rail pressure DTC codes (P0087 and P1011) that are caused by insufficient PRV spring pressure. To prevent any leaking from a possibly damaged stock O-ring, a new O-ring has been included in the Sinister Diesel Race Fuel Rail Plug kit.


From DTech DTech

   The DTech DT670004 Injector Connector Tube for your 2007.5-2013 Dodge 6.7L Cummins is a direct replacement for your factory Connector Tube....


From Cummins Cummins

Replacement fuel control actuator for 6.7L Cummins.

Number 5 in image only.

Part number:4936097


From Cummins Cummins

6.7L Fuel Rail Feed/Supply Line Stock feed line from CP-3 to fuel rail inlet. Cummins part number: 4935980