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13-21 Ram 2500/3500 BD Heavy Duty Sway Bar End Link Kit

One of the most neglected, yet most important, piece of suspension on your Heavy Duty Ram is that of the sway bar and sway bar end links. The sway bar as a whole is in place to help prevent against excessive body roll. Essentially it operates by tying the front axle to the frame via a bar that can slightly twist as the axle articulates under the vehicle.

Especially as leveling or lift kits are installed, now the distance between the axle and frame is lengthened, creating a constant pressure on the sway bar, limiting the amount of suspension travel, creating a bind, which hurts the performance of the suspension while also stressing the factory end links. What's the fix? Easy, BD's heavy duty, serviceable sway bar end links.

BD's heavy duty sway bar end links are stronger and more durable than OEM links. BD end links are made with a high strength, heat treated forged steel center section that is black Cerakote finished for longevity. Utilizing an oversized ball joint and tough poly bushings, these end heavy duty links can tolerate higher loads that would cause the stock parts to break and wear rapidly. The ball joint allows for greater articulation than bushing only replacement end links can which prolongs the bushing life and allows for normal sway bar movement. All components are designed to be easily serviceable and wear items are low cost to replace. This makes the BD sway bar end links the obvious choice when it comes time to replace the worn-out factory end links.


  • Oversize ball joint for higher load capability and longer life
  • Super strong forged and heat-treated end link center section
  • HD polyurethane bushing with steel sleeve for connection to axle
  • Ideal for stock height to 2-inch suspension lift
  • Can quickly be installed in approximately 1-hour
  • Gas & Diesel
  • All components are designed to be easily serviceable
  • Service kit available p/n 1312068

IMPORTANT NOTE: Trucks lifted more than 3-inches will require sway bar offset spacer which is typically included in most lift kits.

Part Number: 1032052

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