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External Engine Parts

Grid heater delete, radiator hoses, breathers, and more! From Cummins, Glacier Diesel, BD Power, Banks, and Mopar.

2003-2007 Dodge Cummins external engine upgraded and replacement parts.

Brand: Industrial Injection Part Number: PDM-08203
DescriptionCummins 03-18 5.9L/6.7L CR Freeze Plug Back Plate Plug (No O-Ring)Part#: PDM-08203..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: R5135783AA
Genuine Cummins Remanufactured Cylinder Head This head uses a part number 4955210 exhaust valve (cylinder head 4931564RX uses an inconel valve) Fully loaded & assembled with new valves & springs. $150 Core ChargeIf you are in a hurry to receive this part, please call for ava..

Brand: Crazy Carl's Part Number: CC-TRCR
Tunnel Ram CR 03-07 Intake Plate The Tunnel Ram CR is a new patented intake for the 03-07 Dodge Cummins 24V diesel engine. Proudly made in the USA from aircraft quality billet aluminum and pressure tested to over 200psi, The Tunnel Ram is able to withstand high boost and flows much better than..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4938189
Number 2 in second image. This plug is used on the side, rear, & front of the block. Sold individually.There are 5 in the Cummins block. Cummins part number: 4938189..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3920447
Attaches flywheel housing adapter plate to the back of the engine, sold individually, 8 required. This is NOT the bolt that attaches the transmission to the bell housing.  Cummins part number: 3920447..

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: TOWC
Stainless Diesel's Turbo Wheel Oil Cap for your Cummins Engine. Fits '98-'16  24v & Common Rail Dodge Cummins DieselsO-ring sealed Fully functional to replace your factory oil cap-->Blades are sharp - this is a real turbo compressor wheel - tighten with a gloved hand<-- Stai..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5187880AC
Mopar OE replacement grid heater relay. Mopar part numbers:5187880AC 5187 880 AC 5187-880-AC..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 52028879AF
2003-2004 5.9L Cummins Common Rail Fan Clutch Fits early 2004 trucks only. If you aren't sure which you have, please enter your VIN number so we can check before shipment. Mopar part number: 52028879AF Image may not be actual part...

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: WBPK1
Fits 1998-2007 Dodge Cummins 24 valve & Common Rail cylinder heads. Stainless Diesel's water bypass kit relieves excessive pressure in the back of the engine.  The water valve opens between 45-50 psi. Engines that turn high rpm's create high pressure in the back of the block that causes freeze plugs..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4931455
2006-2007 Dodge Common Rail 5.9L Cummins replacement valve cover with breather assembly.Includes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11 in image. Part number:  4931455 This is a factory direct part, please allow up to 2 weeks delivery...

Brand: SnoDepot Part Number: OILPAN/CUMMINS5.9-NEXTGEN
Features:Heavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel Laser Cut For Precision Fitment Stainless Bolt Kit & Gasket Included Limited Lifetime Warranty Includes Oil Drain PlugPart Number: OILPAN/CUMMINS5.9-NEXTGEN Replaces Cummins Part Numbers: 3949769 & 3958165. Replaces Mopar Part Numbers: 68043300AA..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3949769
Fits 03-07 5.9L Commonrial Cummins Includes oil pan ONLY. Cummins: 3949769..

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: 467.7 2G COMPLETE SWAP KIT
FMW 467.7 Borg Warner Turbo   STAINLESS DIESEL T-4 24 valve manifold - we recommend matching with our 2G piping kits for maximum spool/flow. Stainless Diesel's 2nd Gen style turbo piping kit for Dodge Diesel trucks.   The stainless Diesel 2nd Gen style turbo piping kit for 3rd gen Dodge Diesel ..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 68002976AA
This is for 2007 Dodge Cummins only. Cable style dipstick only, does not include tube. Cummins part number: 3974104Mopar Number: 68002976AA Image for reference only...

Part Number: FB1001
OE-exact fan pulley brackets are constructed from high-quality materials for maximum durability and strength. Features:OE-exact design provides a precise fit to ensure easy installation Designed to provide the proper structure and support for the fan clutch High-Quality bearings and casting m..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 4x 4429857
Mopar replacement harmonic balancer bolts. We highly recommend using loctite to prevent these bolts from backing out. Image for representation only. Mopar part number: 4429857..

Brand: Mean Green Part Number: MG7892
The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight stock starter. With a 4.4 to 1 gear reduction, roller bearing support, and an integrated solenoid, the Mean Green Starter can crank any engine no m..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904301
Fits 2000-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Comes with o-ring. Replaces OEM part numbers: 5015578AC, 5015578AD, 55851 Dorman part number: 904301..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 52028878AB
Engine Cooling Fan 03-09 Ram 2500-5500 5.9L/6.7L Cummins   Mopar part number: 52028878AB..

Brand: Absolute Performance Part Number: ABSO-CCVFITTING
Went with an aftermarket kit and are tired of the oil drip and fumes? This fitting fixes all of that! Mounts your discharge line to your exhaust system, routing the vapors into the exhaust stream where they can burn off and not be noxious to you anymore. Fitting is designed to be welded or bolted on..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3946495
Cummins 2003 and up OEM Harmonic Balancer Dowel. Cummins part number: 3946495..

Brand: Midwest Truck Products Part Number: BICR5967OPMS
NEW BIG IRON Engine Oil Pan for 2003 - 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck for 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel This pan is made to fit engines that have main studs and a girdle installed. It has an indention pressed into the back of the oil pan so you don't need to modify your old pan and take the risk of having ..

Brand: Midwest Truck Products Part Number: BICR5967OPB
BIG IRON Engine Oil Pan Bolts for 2003 - 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck for 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel The bolts are the longer bolts as in the 6.7L OEM oil pan with the thicker reinforced lip. REQUIRED to use a BIG IRON Oil Pan with enlarged lip Specifications:Direct replacement Built to strict ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4036054
Stock OEM 04.5-07 5.9L 24V Cummins wastegate, valve control solenoid.The Wastegate control solenoid is a common failure point, and will cause a loss of power, excessive black exhaust smoke and throw a P0243 diagnostic trouble code. Replaces: Mopar: 5140305AA, Alt: H1353701N, H4043600N Cummins/Hols..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3943300
03-09 Dodge Cummins Vertical Water Neck Radiator Hose HookupCummins:  3943300..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4931564RX
Genuine Cummins Remanufactured Cylinder Head This head uses a part number 4955212 exhaust valve  (inconel) Fully loaded & assembled with new valves & springs. $250 Core ChargeIf you are in a hurry to receive this part, please call for availibilty as these are sometimes out of stock. **Shippi..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 68034303AB
Genuine OEM Chrysler/Mopar 68034303AB Power Steering Pump Reservoir. Core of $10 applies...

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 3957297
Stock replacement harmonic balancer. This is NOT a performance damper.GENUINE PARTS INFORMATIONPart Number 3957297Part Description DAMPER,VISCOUS VIBRATIONCummins Genuine Part 395729700Can you buy this part? YesPart Group [03]_Rebuildables - Vibration dampe..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5080552AB
Replacement Mopar valve-fuel filter bowl for 2003-2009 Cummins-equipped diesel trucks The image is for representation only...

Brand: Banks Power Part Number: 24331
When turbo exhaust backpressure increases, the stock actuator prematurely blows off the seat, softening boost in the midrange and killing torque. With twice the diaphragm area and spring pressure of the stock wastegate, Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator keeps the valve seated longer and achieves a hi..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 68034326AB
Genuine OEM Chrysler/Mopar 68034326AB Power Steering Pump/Pulley Kit. 07.5-10 2500/3500, only fits 2008-2009 4500/5500 trucks.  Core of $50 applies...

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3970305
Product is only #1 in image above. Nothing else is included in the order. Please call for availability. Cummins: 3970305..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3955121
Rocker Box for 5.9L Cummins Diesels 2003-2005. Includes item #17 only. Cummins part number: 3955121..

Brand: Dynomite Diesel Part Number: DDP CAP03
Dodge RAM 03-16 5.9L & 6.7L:  Dynomite Diesel billet oil cap cover featuring the DDP Triangle logo.  Simply presses in place over top the OEM oil filler cap.  No gluing, screwing, or drilling necessary! DDP part number: DDP CAP03..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD333
Replace the oil filler cap on your 1998.5-2018 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins with the XDP Cummins Billet Oil Cap With Breather XD333. The XD333 has been specially machined to accept a replaceable high-flow vent filter so you don't have to drill, modify, or glue a breather filter to your factory..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD258
  You can rely on the XDP Wrinkle Black Gear Reduction Starter XD258 to get your 2003-2006 Dodge 5.9L Cummins running in the most extreme environments. XDPs Gear Reduction Starters are faster, stronger, and more durable than your factory starter. This gives you the ability to turn over even the most..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD334
BACKORDERED NO ETA - UPDATED 07/13/2021Make sure your side freeze plugs stay firmly mounted in your 1989-2018 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins with the XDP Cummins Bolt-On Side Freeze Plug XD334. The bolt-on freeze plugs eliminate the risk of a blown freeze plug due to increased coolant pressure from h..

Part Number: 68003870AB
Backordered NO ETAGenuine Chrysler Fuel Pump and Level Unit Module for the 03-04 Cummins Contents:Fuel Transfer Pump Sealing Ring Power Harness Replacement Fuel LinePart Number: 68003870AB (6800 3870 AB)..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPDUALCP3
FeaturesPump to Pump Design for Ease of Installation, Better Looks, and More Efficiency Custom Billet Wheel (with optional polishing) Custom Second Wheel Billet Acorn Nut Comes with Hardware and High-Pressure Fitting/Line Comes with Fish CP3 Controller for Reliability and Simplicity Larger ..
$850.00 $980.00

Part Number: 27-33387
Part Description EVAP DODGE RAM PICKUP C1500-3500 02-06 Type PLATE FIN OEM 5073970AA Aftermarket Num 5073970AA Vehicle Make DODGE Vehicle Model RAM PICKUP View(44) Year Make Model Application  2002 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 5.9L 360cid  2002 Dodge Ram 1500 V6 3.7L 226cid  2002 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 4.7..

Brand: Midwest Truck Products Part Number: BICR5967GB
BIG IRON Engine Oil Pan Gasket & Bolts for 2003 - 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck for 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel The bolts are the longer bolts as in the 6.7L OEM oil pan with the thicker reinforced lip. Bolts are REQUIRED for the BIG IRON Oil Pans Specifications:Direct replacement Built to strict..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5086818AA
Includes number four(4) from second image only. Mopar part number: 5086818AA..

Brand: Glacier Diesel Part Number: 5818BB
Stainless steel 5/8" boost bolt tapped for 1/8" senders or fittings. Great for installation of boost gauges without having to drill and tap your manifold. Simply replace one of your intake plate bolts for easy access to boost pressures.GDP part number: 5818BB..

Brand: G&R Diesel Part Number: GRD00169
CNC machined stainless Push-Lock high flow fitting for your CP3. This is designed to work with any 1/2" fuel hose and does not require a hose clamp when used with Push-Lock style hose.   G&R Part Number: GRD00169..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 904-214
2004-03 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500/3500, also fits 2007-00 Ford Trucks OE# : 6C3Z2A451A, 6C3Z2A451BA, 4C3Z2A451BA, F81Z2A451BA →Click Here For Fitment← Dorman part number: 904-214..

Brand: Dynomite Diesel Part Number: DDP VC06
Dodge RAM 06-16 5.9L & 6.7L:  Dynomite Diesel logo billet valve cover with cap & mounting bolts. **Oil cap cover shipped with valve cover may be different** NOTE:  Due to the custom nature of each vehicle’s modifications & intended use, valve cover does not include any a..

Brand: S&B Filters Part Number: 76-1005
100% Machine Cut S&B chose to manufacture our Intake Elbows out of cast aluminum because you need a part that delivers extreme performance without the risk of it bursting in the field. While we too liked the idea of using a composite material to make our elbows, trust us, it’s not worth the risk. ..

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