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External Engine Parts

Grid heater delete, radiator hoses, breathers, and more! From Cummins, Glacier Diesel, BD Power, Banks, and Mopar.

2003-2007 Dodge Cummins external engine upgraded and replacement parts.

Brand: Hellmann Performance Part Number: BALUMOC
The aluminum oil cap is designed to fit all OEM valve covers for Cummins 24 valve engines 98.5+, as well as the Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover. It is machined of aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum and is equipped with an oil seal to ensure proper fitment. Hellmann Performance part number: B..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957070
03-07 Dodge 5.9L Commonrail Cummins Oil Dip Stick Tube Number 5 in image only. Cummins part number:3957070..

Brand: Position 1 Performance Part Number: PE-FTK
The thread-in Cylinder Head Freeze Plug Kit for your Dodge Cummins is designed to reduce the chance of "blowing out" the factory freeze plug. It also prevents unwanted coolant leakage into engine valve train areas that is an issue found in high performance engine applications. Also known as a thread..

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 147-2901
Dodge Cummins 5.9L/6.7L 12V/24V, 8 pieces Flexplate Bolt Kit These are for a automatic flexplate will not work for manual flywheel. ARP: 147-2901SpecificationsUHL 0.700˝Thread Size M12 x 1.25Wrenching 3/4˝..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4935577
03-18 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Diesel Turbo Oil Feed LineIncludes ONLY item number 5 in the picture. Cummins: 4935577..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957203
03-07 Dodge 24V CR Cummins Valve Cover Bolt and Rubber Grommet Part number: 3957203..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5289557
Limited Availability!! Call to Confirm!!Cummins oil filter housing.  Housing only. (#12 in the diagram)PLEASE ENTER ESN IN THE BOX- WE WILL VERIFY FITMENT- IF YOU DO NOT ENTER AN ESN WE WILL SEND AS IS BUT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FITMENT ISSUES Part number: 5289557 (Old part number 396515..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3969987
This fits 1998.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins diesel trucks that have the grid heater AS A SEPARATE UNIT. Some Dodge trucks have the grid heaters built into the intake plenum. This item will NOT work on trucks with this setup. Includes ONLY item number 3. Cummins:  3969987 Requires two..

Brand: LarryB's Part Number: R90SS
Super Size Starter contacts have approximately 90% more contact area than stock. Designed to carry twice the voltage load for easier starting and last years longer. Our Super Contacts Fit perfectly and are for replacement of sticking and clicking stock starter contacts in 1989 to 2006 Cummins powere..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPCCVBK-24V
Currently out of Stock of the White Filters   **Updated on 09/27/2022**Help Eliminate Excessive Crank Case Pressure With The PDP Oil Cap Breather Kit! We made a replacement for the current breathers on the market that did not have consistent availability. Our breathers also have the opti..

Brand: Glacier Diesel Part Number: 0307-ABIP
'03-'07 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum Cover & Grid Heater Delete Kit EGT's running too high? Can't use all of the fuel you have available? The GDP Air-Boss intake plate gives the largest flow increase possible short of milling the cast plenum off the head and installing a fabricated intake plenu..

Brand: Fluidampr Part Number: 920301
Fluidampr Harmonic BalancerFor 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Commonrail Cummins Diesels The tone ring is built in on this damper. This item has been redesigned so you can get the serpentine belt off without removing the damper. A new Fluidampr on your diesel truck will not only protect your engine..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4940183
98.5-21 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Diesel Turbo Oil Feed Line FittingIncludes ONLY parts marked in the picture. Cummins: 4940183..

Brand: Bosch Part Number: F00RJ01572
Old Style Fuel Connector Tube for 2003-2007 Cummins 5.9L Diesel Includes O-rings. *Price is for one, 6 are needed for complete set. Bosch part number: F00RJ01572Replaces: Cummins: 3976657Mopar: 68441874AA..

Brand: T/Rex Technology Part Number: REXFRZPLUG
DISCONTINUEDFeatures:Replaces Side & Front Freeze Plugs Nice Finish Includes Hardware ..

Part Number: 3600008
89-2017 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins Diesel block heater replacement cord. Some trucks came equipped with a block heater, but didn't come with a cord. This is a direct replacement cord. By Phillips, part number 3600008.  ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3818824 x4
94-12 Dodge 5.9L/6.7 Cummins Stock Exhaust Manifold Turbo Stud Nuts (4) Nuts ONLY! Does NOT include studs. If you are looking for both, CLICK HERE. Cummisn part number: 3818824  ..

Brand: Position 1 Performance Part Number: PE-FAN-PULL
This is a billet fan pulley that is a smaller diameter than the stock OEM fan pulley. This allows you to change the belt without removing the fan pulley if you have an aftermarket harmonic balancer, and it looks really cool/badass.  This piece is smaller compared to the stock pulley, about 1/2 inch..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 2x68188370AA
Direct replacement, Mopar part. 2 required, 2 included. Mopar: 5086631AA replaced by 68188370AA  ..

Brand: Keating Machine Part Number: 122910-5
Fits: All B series Cummins 12V, 24V, and 4BT 5.9L and 6.7L common rail engine blocks. Billet front freeze plug features o-ring seal. Will work when using the stock fan. Held in by the stock fan pulley mount...

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: AITWB
Billet aluminum AIT sensor bung for those of you that are making your own turbo piping kits on a 5.9/6.7 Cummins.INCLUDES:stainless socket head screws5.00″ radius to fit nicely on a 5.00" pipe.Stainless Diesel part number: AITWB..

Brand: Stainless Diesel Part Number: AITWB-20
Billet aluminum AIT sensor bung for those of you that are making your own turbo piping kits on a 5.9/6.7 Cummins.INCLUDES:stainless socket head screws5.00″ radius to fit nicely on a 5.00" pipe.available in billet aluminum or mild steelStainless Diesel part number: AITWB-20..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3922072
Includes one(1) of number 8 in second image only.These are the large plugs that fit in the front or side of the block. This plug is 2.25 inches in diameter or 57.15mm Cummins part number: 3922072..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3947574
Cummins: 3947574 Picture shown as a placeholder only. May differ in appearance...

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3923050
Cord for the block heater element only. Cummins Part Number: 3923050Part 1 only in image...

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3975628
This is the block heater element only, if you also need the cord, the cord part number is 3923050.  Number 2 in picture only. Cummins Part Number: 3975628..

Brand: Carli Suspension Part Number: CS-DCMM
Chromoly Motor Mounts   These heavy-duty motor mounts are another O.E.M product taken to another level by Carli Suspension Inc. After miles of abuse from pre-running, testing, and just having fun in the dirt, we found the O.E.M. ones just don't hold up. In many cases the engine oil pan will a..

Brand: Sinister Diesel Part Number: SD-COOLFIL-5.9-03-X
Sinister Coolant Filter SystemCoolant Filter Kit is a bypass-style system that filters a small amount of the coolant on each pass. By using a spin on filter we make it easy for you to change your coolant filter at regular intervals. These filters will remove all solid particles. Install a 5.9 Cummin..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3974245
View Replacement ProductReplacement front crank tone wheel for 2003-20007 Dodge 5.9L Diesel from Cummins part number 3974245. Part number 3 in image...

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 075-09ccvhoses
Breather hoses mount to breather assembly on the valve cover. Fits 2006-2009 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Common rail engines. Select which line combination you'd like in the box above. #4 Large diameter line 5179093AB#9 Small diameter line 5179092AB..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4935569
2003-2012 5.9L 6.7L Dodge Cummins Timing Cover  Item #3 & #4 in the Picture Part # 4935569..

Brand: Northern Radiator Part Number: CD40355
POSSIBLE 3-4 DAY LEAD TIMEVehicle Make DODGE Vehicle Model RAM PICKUPFor use with aluminum tank charge air coolers/intercoolers only! DPI # 3265 View(15) Year Make Model Application  2003 Dodge Ram 2500 L6 5.9L 359cid  2004 Dodge Ram 2500 L6 5.9L 359cid  2005 Dodge Ram 2500 L6 ..

Brand: Fleece Performance Part Number: FPE-OC-CR-F
Dress up your Cummins with this billet aluminum oil cap cover. It is anodized black and laser etched with the Fleece Performance "F". It is a great accessory to add to your Cummins whether it's your first Fleece Performance part, or if it gives the final "Fleece" touch. No drilling, screwing, or glu..

Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3959031
OEM Cummins oil cooler for the 2003-2007 5.9L Commonrail Cummins diesel Interstate McBee: M3959031..

Brand: Midwest Truck Products Part Number: BICR5967OP
NEW BIG IRON Engine Oil Pan for 2003 - 2012 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck for 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel                                                Part # BICR5967OP MTP designed this..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 0304CVBS
Valve Cover Bolts with O-Rings. 6 Bolts, 6 O-RingsFits 2003-2004 common rail engines. If your 2004 has LARGE GROMMETS in the valve cover around the bolts, you may need part number 3957203 instead. Part number:  Cummins6x 39006336x 3087740Number 1 & 2 in image only...

Brand: ATI Performance Products Part Number: 917374
Do you have a high horsepower diesel truck or tractor puller? If so, ATI has the damper for you!    Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations    Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs    Black zinc chromate finishedThese Super Damper standard harmonic balancers from ATI are specifically designed for high-rpm engin..

Part Number: 62700
Lower radiator hose for the 2003-2010 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins diesel trucks.Goodyear: 62700..

Brand: Mean Green Part Number: MG1398
The Mean Green High Output Alternator for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is the answer to all of your charging problems. The Mean Green Alternator provides up to 300% more power than stock. The Mean Green Alternator can charge any engine no matter what its power requirements.The Mean Green Altern..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: CRFreezePlugKit
Includes 39 Freeze Plugs, every plug for the Cylinder Head & Engine Block is included. **Price varies depending on engine serial number. Please call us for pricing otherwise we will call you after order is placed to verify pricing before shipment.** Please enter your Engine Serial Number above to ..

Brand: Hellmann Performance Part Number: Hellmann 5.9L VC
PLEASE NOTE! APPROX. 1 MONTH LEADFits 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Commonrail CumminsBy: Hellmann Performance Running lots of boost? Oil leaks from the crankcase breather system on your Common Rail Cummins engine? Tired of your engine bay looking plain? Enter the Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover – s..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 68505585AA
Attaches flywheel housing adapter plate to the back of the engine, sold individually, 8 required. This is NOT the bolt that attaches the transmission to the bell housing.  8 are need for entire set. Mopar part number: 68505585AA Crosses to Cummins: 3920447..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 0307MFLBLTS
03-07.5 Dodge 24V CR Cummins Stock Exhaust Manifold Bolts (12)7 are bolts with threaded stud ends, 5 are regular bolts. This allows for installation of the heat shield.  Does not include nuts for the studs.  Includes Part numbers: 7x 39445935x 3944655..