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Jake Brake Vacuum Pump With Pulley OEM 03-07 5.9L

Jake Brake Vacuum Pump With Pulley  OEM 03-07  5.9L
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Jake Brake Vacuum Pump With Pulley OEM 03-07 5.9L
  • Part Number: GG09/0307
  • Est. Ship Time: 1-3 Business Days

The 2003 thru 2007 Dodge/Cummins Turbo Diesel Jacobs exhaust brake is a belt driven pump with a dry sealed bearing behind the pulley and two internal roller bearings in the rear cavity supplied by its own small pre-filled oil reservoir with an internal shaft oil seal.

When the pump has reached the end of its service life it usually becomes audible and the oil from inside the pump begins to appear on the top of the pump. The oil is usually black in color.

The shaft inside the pump has a small cam pressed on to it that activates the diaphragm piston. This is built into a roller bearing that is lubricated by the oil in the pump.

The replacement OEM pump comes with an original design steel pulley that turns at a slightly lower RPM range having no effect on the Jacobs Brake operation, but extends the life of the pump. The pump is ready to bolt on and go with the existing belt.

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Part Number: GG09/0307

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