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External Engine Parts

Grid heater delete, radiator hoses, breathers, and more! From Cummins, Glacier Diesel, BD Power, Banks, and Mopar.

2003-2007 Dodge Cummins external engine upgraded and replacement parts.

From Cummins Cummins

2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Water Pump

New, no core charge!

Get the real deal, not some cheap parts store pump!

Cummins part number 2881805

From Cummins Cummins

Part Number 3957297
Cummins Genuine Part 395729700
Can you buy this part? Yes
Part Group [03]_Rebuildables - Vibration dampers - Damper,viscous vibration
Superseded No
Kitted No
Kit No
Options High
Quantity in Carton 1
Engines B Gas International CM556,B Gas Plus CM556,B LPG Plus CM556,B3.9,B4.5,B4.5 RGT,B4.5s,B5.9,B5.9 G,B5.9 LPG Plus CM556,B6.7s,G3.9,G5.9,G5.9 CM558,ISB 5.9 G CM2180,ISB CM2150,ISB CM550,ISB CM800,ISB CM850,ISB4.5 CM2150 SN,ISB6.7 CM2150 SN,ISB6.7 CM2150 SQ,ISB6.7 CM2250,ISBe CM800,ISBe CM850,ISBe4 CM2150,ISBe4 CM850,ISBe5 CM2150 SN,ISD4.5 CM2150,ISD4.5 CM2150 SN,ISD6.7 CM2150,ISD6.7 CM2150 SN,ISF2.8 CM2220 AN,ISF3.8 CM2220 AN,QSB3.9-30 CM550,QSB4.5 CM850,QSB4.5-30 CM550,QSB5.9 CM850,QSB5.9-30 CM550,QSB5.9-44 CM550,QSB6.7 CM2250,QSB6.7 CM850
Applications Automotive


From Cummins Cummins

Replacement front crank tone wheel for 2003-20007 Dodge 5.9L Diesel from Cummins part number 3974245.

Part number 3 in image.

From Omega Omega

Diameter Drier/Accum
 Fitting In
 Fitting Out
Omega Part Number  37-23557

From Fleetguard Fleetguard

Discontinued Fuel heater from Fleetguard part number 3959448S 10-14 day ship time on this part.

Durable and sleek, Dorman Harmonic Balancers feature a stress-resistant rubber bond that withstands the damaging effects of heat, salt, ozone and general...

Cummins Upper Heater Hose 4939438
  Product discontinued
From Cummins Cummins

Cummins Upper Heater Hose - 3.25" long Cummins part number 4939438.

2004-2007 5.9L Cummins 3" Fabricated High-Flow Intake Horn replaces the restrictive OEM intake horn on the driver side. Features: 3" High-Flow...

Engine to Transmission Adapter Plate Kit   Breakdown: 1 x 68002974AC 1 x 5018522AB 3 x 5018174AA

Part is item #2 in the picture only. Part Number: PDP4090102

From Cummins Cummins

Number 2 in the photo.

There are 5 in the Cummins block.

Cummins part number: 4938189


From Cummins Cummins

Attaches flywheel housing adapter plate to the back of the engine, sold individually, 8 required. This is NOT the bolt that attaches the transmission to...