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03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins ATS Fuel Rail Pressure Plug

ATS Fuel Rail Pressure Plug
Fitment: 2003-07 Dodge 5.9L CR
A common failure of the Ram 5.9L Common Rail Cummins is the pressure relief valve. These relief valves are a basic spring, designed to relieve pressure as it exceeds a specific predetermined pressure. As pressure is continually applied to this spring, it unfortunately fatigues and fails to retain the ability to maintain even stock pressures. When you throw pressure boxes along with other power modifications into the mix, the demand for higher rail pressure increases, further fatiguing this spring, resulting in the loss of valuable rail pressure.

The ATS Fuel Rail Pressure Plug installs easily into the factory rail and eliminates the troublesome pressure relief valve to give you the peace of mind that the commanded rail pressure that your CP3 fuel pump demands is delivered to your injectors! 

⚠ NOTE! During installation, ATS recommends that you torque to 64 lbs/ft.

ATS: 7050502272
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