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05-09 Dodge 5.9L Cummins w/In-Tank Module Vulcan Draw Straw V Quick Connect

Accept no imitations! Our DrawStraw™ units are the original DrawStraws!

Turn your In-Tank fuel module into a high flow tank draining unit!

Fuel slosh issues are a thing of the past!

**For Dodge Ram In-tank pump fuel modules only. Fits OEM 05-09 units and 98-04 dealer in-tank upgrades**

DrawStrawV allows for greater fuel volume by using 1/2" plumbing and tossing out that weak and restrictive in-tank pump. The DSV kit has a machined billet aluminum fitting that installs inside the tank module in place of the factory pump and the DS bulkhead unit installs in the top of the module utilizing fewer parts than a traditional bulkhead fitting.
Another benefit is being able to use the original OEM supply connection as your pump return line thereby putting more fuel back into the module for low fuel level situations and no need to cut the filler neck hose.

Includes male quick connect for the other smaller 3/8 line systems.

No tank drilling! A simple 5/8 hole in the module is all thats required to insert our DS bulkhead fitting. We supply all the necessary components, no need to shop around for additional fittings and our custom made flexible tubes are compatible with all motor fuels!

For the cleanest install check out the DrawStrawV !

Comes with:

  • Machined aluminum HFfitting
  • 1/2" draw tube
  • clamps
  • DS bulkhead fitting w/washer and lock nut
  • 3/8 & 1/2" push lock fitting for supply connection
  • instructions

As always our kits are compatible with all available pumps and pump systems for the Dodge Cummins application in 1/2 or 3/8".  Please call if you have a special application.

This unit is for in-tank pump modules only.
 For standard tank modules use our DrawStraw™I

The importance of multi-fuel compatibility.
Because our components are intended to be permanently installed in the tank we use draw tubes made of multi fuel compatible materials. Given that in some areas of the country one may find them self in a situation where a bio blend is all thats available we feel it necessary to use materials that will not degrade if and when those fuels are used. For those that desire to run veg oil or biodiesel these components make your conversion that much simpler.

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