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03-04 Dodge 5.9L Cummins BD-Power OEM Bypass Lift Pump

Fits: 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 

Give Your Dodge-Cummins Fuel System a Lift! The fuel system in your truck was designed to meet the needs of the stock engine-nothing more and often not even enough for stock power. So when you start adding the latest performance electronics and bolt-ons, the stock lift pump can soon be overwhelmed by fuel demand, placing additional strain on the injection pump. You can bolt BD's replacement electric pump kit in place of your stock pump. With BD's auxiliary Lift Pump Kit you can add a proven, second lift pump to ensure that your 1998.5-2002 VP44 or 2003-2006 CP3 pump has ample fuel to support over 600 horsepower! And, BD's proprietary switch solves hard start issues common with other lift pump kits. Everything you need for a simple installation is included in the kit. Feel at ease knowing that your engine is getting the fuel that it needs, and the life of your expensive fuel system has been extended.

BD-Diesel- 1050227

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