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98.5-18 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Manton Billet Tool Steel Valve Bridge Set

In your high powered Cummins engine, you need engine internals designed to take a beating for higher RPM and boost levels. Manton's Valve Bridges work in tandem with upgraded pushrods to deliver unsurpassed integrity.

OEM Valve Bridges were originally designed for stress levels that were nowhere near what is being seen in recent years, which has allowed for rocker arm and pushrod issues to arise in performance applications. When the stress on the valve bridge exceeds what is considered a reasonable window of operation, it is not designed to support the additional load that it is experiencing. Therefore, Manton felt it was time to provide the industry with extreme duty valve bridges capable of far more abuse than anything the market has even seen.

Improved strength , performance, and service life are goals of Manton's during the engineering process. Therefore, Manton CNC machines all valve bridges from only premium "hot-working" tool steel bar stock. After leaving the milling centers, the valve bridges are all hand inspected before being sent to heat treating for core hardening. Once returned from heat treating, each valve bridge is inspected before having the friction pad surface ground, which removes any tool marks that may cause excessive wear to the rocker arm. Bridges then have their surface nitrided, creating a very slick and hard surface to provide excellent wear protection and reduction of friction. This combination of materials, precision machining and heat treatment process provides a cost effective solution for reducing friction and extending the service life.

Part number: D-110-24V

Includes a full set of 12 bridges

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