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03-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Tunnel Ram Common Rail Intake Plenum Cover

Backordered with No ETA   **Updated on 04/28/2023**

Tunnel Ram CR 03-07 Intake Plate

The Tunnel Ram CR is a new patented intake for the 03-07 Dodge Cummins 24V diesel engine. Proudly made in the USA from aircraft quality billet aluminum and pressure tested to over 200psi, The Tunnel Ram is able to withstand high boost and flows much better than the flat stock cast plate. It's unique patented design increases the airflow into the head, which is a known choke point, and distributes the air charge more uniformly between cylinders. What does that mean to you? Faster spool-up for your turbo, lower EGTs (especially in cylinders 1, 5 & 6 which are prone to run hot) and better MPGs.

How can it do this? basically all an engine is, is an air pump. The more air you can get into the engine, the more power it can potentially make. Place The Tunnel Ram side by side with the restrictive stock intake plate. It is easy to see why The Tunnel Ram flows better. Even more dramatic, is where you can see the HUGE difference in the throat of the intake when it is on the engine.

The Tunnel Ram was built to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock plate and fits with all stock and most aftermarket performance intake/fueling accessories, including dual CP3's! The compound angles of The Tunnel Ram keep the factory location of the intercooler boot as well. No special tools needed and installation is a breeze, takes about an hour to install on a cool engine.

Don't suffocate your Cummins any longer, let it breathe with The Tunnel Ram!
Includes gaskets needed for install.

Part number: CC-TRCR

This is a Special Order Part, Please Allow 1-2 Weeks for shipping. 

Dress up your new intake plate and never worry about your fasteners rusting with new stainless steel hardware. Click Here for SS intake bolts.

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