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Upgraded & OEM Replacement Odds and Ends for the 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesels Engines

Brand: Dayco Part Number: 892016
Dayco alternator pulley is designed to allow the alternator to freewheel when the belt speed drops. This pulley increases drive belt life, alternator life by reducing stress on the drive belt and other accessories. Dayco offers replacement parts for both OAD and OAP applications to smoothly run all ..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: DJ-CH-xxxxxx
The Billet Stage 2 Intake Manifold is designed for D&J Stage 2 cylinder heads. They are sold with either 5.9 intake and fuel or 6.7 intake and fuel setups. These intakes utilize the stock intake horn locations and fuel setups.  It comes with all the mounting hardware needed to install it.&n..

Brand: Dorman Products Part Number: 264-470
Oil pan leaking? This engine oil pan is precision-engineered to match the original equipment pan on specific vehicle years, makes and models for a reliable replacement.Direct replacement - this engine oil pan is made to match the original pan on specific vehiclesComplete assembly - includes replacem..

Brand: Moroso Part Number: 20856
Replace your rusty or leaking oil pan with this option from Moroso. Features and Fit:Heavy Duty 16 gauge steel stampingHas a durable black epoxy powder coat finishCost effective alternative to an O.E.M oil panFits 03-12 5.9 & 6.7L CumminsPart number: 20856..

Brand: Fluidampr Part Number: 980301
Fluidampr competition diesel series damper for 03-15 5.9L/ 6.7L Cummins is designed for drag racers and sled pullers. The damper has SFI 18.1 specs for competition use. This damper adds additional dampening over the standard Fluidampr. This damper eliminates the accessory pulley which adds mass clos..

Brand: Wagler Competition Products Part Number: WCPD6710
Wagler Cummins Dual CP3 Cover for Common Rail Cummins Engines.Drives both injection pumps off the rear.The ECM must be relocated.Part Number: WCPD6710 ..

Brand: Dayco Part Number: 89168
This Dayco pulley is engineered to meet or exceed the OE specs. Pulled is constructed with high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. This is a direct fit replacement that provides double high temp seals and lifetime lubricated ball bearings. This Dayco pulley creates less vibratio..

Brand: Dayco Part Number: 89094
Idler/ Tensioner pulley by Dayco is a high quality OE style replacement of the existing failed pulley. This dayco pulley is produced with more smooth surfaces and more strict tolerances which aids in less vibration and longer belt life. Fitment:03-18 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 5.9L/ 6.7L Cummins08-18 ..

Brand: Attitude Performance Products Part Number: 1001
This cover provides access to the pump nut.  Forget about the plastic stock covers that can crack, break or have stripped threads.  AND you might just want to look good!  Made in the USA of Military-grade Billet 6061 Aluminum.    Has 17mm hex head for easy install/removal. &..

Brand: Beans Diesel Performance Part Number: 210311
The Bean Machine Gridlock Girdle for Cummins Common Rail was conceived out of the need for a very strong girdle that didn’t have a bunch of extra unnecessary parts to it, was lightweight, and did not interfere with the oil pan requiring dents in the pan. We have used other girdles on the market and ..

Brand: Beans Diesel Performance Part Number: 210415
The Bean Machine stock billet timing cover for 2003 to 2018 Cummins 5.9/6.7. Designed for use with the factory fan setup and both the factory and billet pulley kits! This can be used with a stock damper or even with the Fluidampr series damper. Machined in-house from 6061 aluminu..

Brand: BD Power Part Number: 1040023
The coolant pressure inside the engine block can reach 70+psi at high rpm before the thermostat fully opens. This will cause a corroded frost plug to leak. The BD rear frost plug is able to be seal the leak without the need to hammer out the old frost plug. We recommend installing the rear frost plu..

Brand: Beans Diesel Performance Part Number: 210090x
On your 03- Present 5.9-6.7 one part that has been lacking support is the CP3 gear covers. This cap gets rid of the brittle plastic cap and replaces it with a billet piece. Designed with a 1" hex head nut that will never strip out compared to your 3/8 hole that do strip out over time. This part not ..
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Brand: Diamond Advantage By Navistar Part Number: DA2251269
Features & Benefits:Diamond Advantage™ (DA) Oil Pumps provide dependable performance every time. • Quality built with new housing and 100% ALL-NEW components • Robust gear and gerotor technology provides peak performance and quality • Precision ground end plates guarantee maximum wear resistanc..

Brand: Attitude Performance Products Part Number: 1001
This cover provides access to the pump nut.  Forget about the plastic stock covers that can crack, break or have stripped threads.  AND you might just want to look good!  Made in the USA of Military-grade Billet 6061 Aluminum.    Has 17mm hex head for easy install/removal. &..

Brand: Wagler Competition Products Part Number: WCPD2403
WCP Billet Main Caps are designed and machined in houseDoes not distort when torquing down main studsAdds strength to the bottom endCan be used with or without the WCP GirdleFor extra strength add the WCP Street GirdleMade in the USAMust be line boredPart Number: WCPD2403 ..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5140306AA x4
94-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Stock Exhaust Manifold Turbo Studs (4)Studs ONLY! Does NOT include nuts. If you are looking for both, CLICK HERE.Cummins part number: 397142Mopar Part Number: 5140306AA ..

Brand: Hamilton Cams Part Number: 07-CC-24V188
What’s included:188/220 Camshaft (fits 89-2018 Cummins)Heavy duty pushrods (500-750 hp)103 Valve SpringsLifters/tappetsInformation:RPM Range: 1700-4500Drops EGT 200-300Increased Mid Range powerDuration at .050″ of lift  188 Intake, 220 ExhaustValve springs are meant to prevent valve float and i..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4933628
Factory Cummins 4933628 exhaust manifold lockplate for '98.5-'19 Dodge Ram Cummins trucks. Very important to avoid manifold bolt from backing off.Part Number: 4933628..

Brand: Gould Gear & Electric Inc. Part Number: GG09/0307-PUMP
2003 through 2007 Dodge Cummins diesel jake brake vacuum pump from Gould Gear.All Gould Gear pumps have a new redesigned pulley that promotes a longer pump life.Ready to ship with pulley installed ready to install on your truck, prefilled with oil.Sound like your vacuum pump has a rod knock? the ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3963736
When replacing the injector wiring harness 3966805 on your 2003 to 2005 Ram Cummins Diesel the wiring harness clips usually break. Requires six clips per engine.Item #5 in the picturePart Number: 3963736..

Brand: LarryB's Part Number: BCRK
When you crank your Dodge Cummins, the Denso Starter draws about 800 amps. This puts a huge toll on all the cable connections, rendering cheap auto parts store replacement clamp-on battery cable ends useless for such a big job.Ours can handle it. With so many dud options out there, we're confident i..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5179114AB
MOPAR OEM 3.25" cabin upper heater hose for '06-'07, 5.9L Dodge Cummins trucks.Replaces Cummins 4939438Part Number: 5179114AB..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3934084
Commonly used on 03-2011 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L trucks that upgrade to the center dump 3 piece exhaust manifolds. This drain tube is longer than stock to reach the turbo in the higher-mounted position. This can also be used on 94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins trucks utilizing a stock center dump manifold, H..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4935281
This cover screws into the front cover and seals the port access hole in front of the CP3 pump gear and nut. It has a 3/8 drive ratchet indentation for easy tightening. We've seen these covers melt, crack, or get broken from over tightening.  Cummins 4935281 Some of these plugs or covers say 49352..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5291050
5.9L 24 Valve Commonrail & 6.7L Cummins 6BT Oil Pump. This pump has straight cut gears. It will not work on a 2002 or older Cummins. Fits:03-18 Dodge Cummins Diesels Cummins part number: 5291050Superceded from: 3973398, 4988801, 3957266..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3959031
OEM Cummins oil cooler for the 2003-2007 5.9L Commonrail Cummins diesel Cummins: 3959031..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3970875
Stock length (12 Inch with bend) turbo drain tube for the 03-07 Dodge 5.9L Commonrail Cummins diesel trucks.Cummins: 3970875  ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 0305ccvhoses
Breather hoses mount to breather assembly on valve cover. Fits 2003-2005 Dodge 5.9L Common rail engines. Select which line combination you'd like in the box above. #4 Large diameter line 5265108#8 Small diameter line 5265106..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3936365
Cummins Oil Pressure Regulator Valve. For all 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins engines 1989 and up. This part replaces part numbers 3902238 & 3927622. Cummins part number: 3936365..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957987
Breather vent mounts to valve cover. Fits 2003-2005 common rail engines. Also known as crank case vent filter. Includes o-ring. #7 and #8 in black and white diagram. Part number:  3957987..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 251919
89-2018 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins Diesel block heater replacement cord. Some trucks came equipped but a block heater, but didn't come with a cord. This is a direct replacement cord. By Cummins, part number 251919.  ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957070
03-07 Dodge 5.9L Commonrail Cummins Oil Dip Stick Tube Number 5 in image only. Cummins part number:3957070..

Brand: Position 1 Performance Part Number: PE-FTK
The thread-in Cylinder Head Freeze Plug Kit for your Dodge Cummins is designed to reduce the chance of "blowing out" the factory freeze plug. It also prevents unwanted coolant leakage into engine valve train areas that is an issue found in high performance engine applications. Also known as a thread..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4935577
03-18 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Diesel Turbo Oil Feed LineIncludes ONLY item number 5 in the picture. Cummins: 4935577..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957203
03-07 Dodge 24V CR Cummins Valve Cover Bolt and Rubber Grommet Part number: 3957203..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5289557
Limited Availability!! Call to Confirm!!Cummins oil filter housing.  Housing only. (#12 in the diagram)PLEASE ENTER ESN IN THE BOX- WE WILL VERIFY FITMENT- IF YOU DO NOT ENTER AN ESN WE WILL SEND AS IS BUT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FITMENT ISSUES Part number: 5289557 (Old part number 396515..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3969987
This fits 1998.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins diesel trucks that have the grid heater AS A SEPARATE UNIT. Some Dodge trucks have the grid heaters built into the intake plenum. This item will NOT work on trucks with this setup. Includes ONLY item number 3. Cummins:  3969987 Requires two..

Brand: LarryB's Part Number: R90SS
Super Size Starter contacts have approximately 90% more contact area than stock. Designed to carry twice the voltage load for easier starting and last years longer. Our Super Contacts Fit perfectly and are for replacement of sticking and clicking stock starter contacts in 1989 to 2006 Cummins powere..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPCCVBK-24V
Help Eliminate Excessive Crank Case Pressure With The PDP Oil Cap Breather Kit! We made a replacement for the current breathers on the market that did not have consistent availability. Our breathers also have the option of being polished (additional charge) and you get three filter color choices! D..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 6x 4937308
Set of 6 piston oil squirters. Also known as piston oil cooling nozzles. Cummins: 4937308..

Brand: Glacier Diesel Part Number: 0307-ABIP
'03-'07 5.9L "Air-Boss CR" Intake Plenum Cover & Grid Heater Delete Kit EGT's running too high? Can't use all of the fuel you have available? The GDP Air-Boss intake plate gives the largest flow increase possible short of milling the cast plenum off the head and installing a fabricated intake plenu..