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03-08 Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins 4x4 Borgeson Steering Box

Ram trucks have been plagued by sloppy, unresponsive steering for years.  While there have been tons of band-aid type fixes to solve the problem, few have addressed the root of the issue, and that is the gear box itself.  Some choose the path to upgrade the existing box to enhanced internals.  Borgeson, on the other hand, has chosen to completely replace the entire box and all of the internals to a more robust unit.  This particular part is their newest release that includes all new and further upgraded parts from their original "Dodge Box."

Starting out with a BRAND NEW Delphi 684 series power steering box, this box offers the largest piston diameter for the most available power assist, as well as a modern variable valve that allows for stable highway driving and effortless parking and maneuvering.

This box has a pitman shaft that is compatible with all OEM and dropped pitman arms that fit the stock OEM box.

We recommend that these be used with a 000951 Borgeson shaft or if used with the stock shaft a corresponding flat can be ground on the Borgeson steering box adapter to fit the stock shaft.

NOTE:  This steering box is not compatible with any steering box braces designed for the factory 03-08 steering box's.  They have upgraded this to the 6 bolt flange, as Dodge uses in their upgraded HD units.  BD has built a steering box brace specifically for these.

Borgeson part number: 800123



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