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03-08 Dodge 2500/3500 T-Rex Tech Steering Box Brace


The T-rex Technologies Steering Box Brace is designed to take all of the movement out of the stock steering box. The steering box is only attached at the top which allows the bottom to swing back and forth while under demand. By attaching the bottom of the box to the frame with this brace it will tighten up the steering and greatly decrease the amount looseness in the steering wheel.

This part is a must for anyone who has ever complained of bad steering in their 2nd or 3rd gen Dodge.

Installs in less than 40 minutes with only your basic hand tools, no drilling, cutting or welding required. Comes with all the mounting hardware including longer grade 8 bolts to attatch to the frame using the existing holes.

T-Rex Tech Part # 0308SBB4X4

BEFORE ORDERING- Please check the TOP PLATE of your steering box. The original steering boxes on the 03-08 trucks had a 4 bolt flange on them. Some trucks have been upgraded or retrofitted to the new style box which features a 6 bolt flange. If you have the 6 bolt cover on your steering box, this brace will not work. Check out BD Part number 1032007 for a steering brace that will fit your steering box properly.

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