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03-18 5.9L & 6.7L Commonrail Cummins Connector Tube Removal Tool

Remove the Connector Tube From the Cummins CR Without Damaging the Threads!
Use the right tool and reuse your Cummins crossover tubes when changing to performance injectors.

The common way of removing the Cummins CR crossover tube is to use a pair of Vise Grips. Sure, it works, but you risk damaging the threads! Wreck one injector tube and you will pay for this tool - the first time!

We met many of you at the diesel events. We always ask what tools or performance parts you need. You asked for it and here it is.  An easy way  to remove the Cummins CR injector tube.

The only other tool on the market leaves a lot to be desired. First off, the diameter is small which is difficult to use and the female threads are only 3/8" deep. We tried the tool, and honestly can't figure how it works.  Secondly, you can't use the tool as a jackscrew because the tool only screws on 3/8". The CRCTR010 tool features a large knurled head that gives you something to pry against for those really stuck injector tubes.

The  CRCTR010 Cummins diesel connector tube remover is the only tool that works every single time. Turn the tool onto the injector tube. When the tool touches the head surface, turn the tool a few more times and the connecor tube is removed - undamaged! No damaged threads. New Cummins diesel CR connector tubes cost more than $35.00 each. The  CRCTR010 will pay for itself the first time you use it!

The Tork Tool can also be used as an injector tube installer. Assemble the tool onto the Cummins connector tube and tap with a rubber mallet and your done! (many times finger pressure is all that is needed)

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