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External Engine Parts

BD Power's positive air shutdown, Banks Bighead wastegate actuator, New Cummins OEM stock starters, and more!

For 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins.

Brand: Full Send Diesel Part Number: FSD-04-B
BACKORDERED UNTIL OCTOBER - UPDATED 08/31/2021Looking to upgrade your turbo feed line? Full Send Diesel has you covered. This is our Turbo Feed line kit for 5.9 and 6.7 Dodge Cummins engines. Our kits are made from the best An hose and fittings ensuring your an extremely high quality product. Backe..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: ISBPerfHead
Product DescriptionOur ISB Stage 1 24v Cummins Performance Head is a step up in performance without the extra expense and work involved with an aftermarket intake.  Our ISB Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head includes everything in our Performance Cummins Reman Head along with ..

Part Number: FSD-02-B
Looking to replace your leaking heater hoses? Or would like to just get rid of those ugly rusty hardlines? Here at Full Send Diesel we have the solution. This is our heater hose kit. This kit, Like all of our other kits are made from the highest quality An fittings and hose. Backed by our lifetime w..

Brand: Full Send Diesel Part Number: FSD-19-B
Looking to fix your leaking heater hoses? Full Send Diesel has the solution. Our bottom heater hose replacement is made from the best -10AN braided hose and fittings. It is designed to replace the bottom heater hose that runs to the front of the engine to the heater core connection on the firewall. ..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: HPreman-5.9
Product DescriptionD&J Precision Machine 5.9 Common  Rail Cummins HP Reman Long Block.Our 5.9 Common rail CumminsHP Reman Long Blocks come fully assembled including oil pan and front timing cover, using the best products we have found with years of experience in the high performan..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4933628
Factory Cummins 4933628 exhaust manifold lockplate for '98.5-'19 Dodge Ram Cummins trucks. Very important to avoid manifold bolt from backing off.Part Number: 4933628..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3935812
Cummins Oil Cooler for 1998-2002 Dodge Cummins diesels is now available at Pure Diesel Power. This Oil Cooler is 100% leak tested from the factory and is guaranteed fit and function.Cummins Oil Cooler Features:100% leak tested from the factoryGuaranteed fit and functionCenter to Center Dimensions on..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: HPremanextreme-5.9
Product DescriptionHP Reman Extreme 5.9 Cummins Long Block.Our HP Reman Extreme 5.9 Cummins come fully assembled including oil pan rear crank seal front cover and crank seal, and oil filter housing.  withour Stage 1 High Performance Cylinder Head. We include a street/towing camshaft. Custo..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: PPUMP-STAGE2-PERFORMANCE-HEAD
Product DescriptionOur Stage 2 Cummins Performance Head is designed for the performance enthusiast.  Includes everything in our Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head and a D&J Stage 2 Billet Intake Manifold, thread in soft plugs in the head, titanium valve spring retaine..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: St-Perf-5.9
Product DescriptionD&J Precision Machine Street Performance 5.9 Cummins Long Block.Our Performance Street 5.9 Cummins come fully assembled including oil pan rear crank seal front cover and crank seal, and oil filter housing.  with our X-Beam Stock Length Billet Rods and our S..

Brand: D&J Precision Machine Part Number: VP44-STAGE2-CUMMINS-HEAD
Product DescriptionOur Stage 2 Cummins Performance Head is designed for the performance enthusiast.  Includes everything in our Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head and a D&J Stage 2 Billet Intake Manifold, thread in soft plugs in the head, titanium valve spring retainers, and he..

Brand: LarryB's Part Number: BCRK
When you crank your Dodge Cummins, the Denso Starter draws about 800 amps. This puts a huge toll on all the cable connections, rendering cheap auto parts store replacement clamp-on battery cable ends useless for such a big job.Ours can handle it. With so many dud options out there, we're confident i..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPMANSTUDS
Installing a new exhaust manifold, or simply removing a stock or aftermarket manifold to change gaskets? If so, you'll find that it is a real hassle to keep the gaskets in place when using standard bolts. These work on:89-98 12 Valve Cummins engines using an AFTERMARKET exhaust manifold. They WILL ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4939587
5.9L 24 Valve Cummins 6BT Oil Pump This pump will bolt right into a 12 valve truck and is a higher volume pump than the stock 12 valve pump, providing better lubrication and oil pressure. A must for high performance competition engines! Fits:98-02 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve/24V Cummins Diesels Cummins ..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 5210 5317 AB
Having issues with your 4 wheel drive engaging only when it wants to? Are your vacuum lines oil saturated, expanded, & squishy? Is your front actuator fine, but you don't have vacuum at the actual actuator?  Get this complete kit. This will replace all the vacuum hoses from the engine bay..

Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: 395945300 S
Fleetguard replacement fuel canister drain valve. Part number:  395945300 SCan also replace the Cummins part number 3959453S Replaces Mopar: 5015580AD..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3934084
BACKORDERED NO ETA - UPDATED 6/22/2021Commonly used on 03-2011 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L trucks that upgrade to the center dump 3 piece exhaust manifolds. This drain tube is longer than stock to reach the turbo in the higher-mounted position. This can also be used on 94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins trucks uti..

Brand: Automotive Racing Products Part Number: 147-2502
ARP Harmonic Balancer Bolt Kit 1989 to 2007 5.9L Cummins 12/24V. To ensure the damper is locked into place, use these ultra-strong ARP 200,000 psi bolts that exert maximum clamping force. Special features include 1/4" thick washers with an extra wide surface and tall 12-point heads that accept a d..

Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: MCB6BEXPKS
This is a freeze/expansion plug kit for the 4/6B Cummins engine block. This kit also includes the cylinder head/block alignment dowels as pictured. Includes freeze plugs for the block, cylinder head alignment dowels on 89-98 3.9L & 5.9L Cummins diesel engines. ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3900687
Rebuilding your engine? We recommend replacing this plug any time you have your engine out. It installs behind the engine adapter plate over the back of the cam shaft. Opitonal oring seal above. (Part number, 3926047) Cummins part number: 3900687..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPTC W/B
PURE DIESEL POWER BRANDED BILLET TAPPET COVER These come standard raw, if you would like it polished (shown in image) please select above. Breather design is much nicer than most covers on the market, helps keep oil out of your blow-by tube. May require SLIGHT trimming/grinding on the P7100 rear ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3903834
Cummins Part #: 3903834 Fits 1994-2007 5.9L Cummins only. These DO NOT work with a starter spacer. They are M10x1.5x35mm long. Replacement starter bolts, takes 3 to replace all.  ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3934396
Vacuum Pump Oil Supply Line This line WILL NOT work correctly on a 94-98 12 valve unless you have a straight fitting in the block instead of a tee fitting. Cummins part number: 3934396 Number 18 only from second image. Optional block to oil line fitting available. Number 16 in image. Cummins par..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4089093
Includes oil pan and plug. 18mm drain hole. Will not fit on 03+ trucks or 89-93 trucks.  Replaces Mopar part nubmers 04762073 & 0508063AA  Cummins:  4089093..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3937748
OE engine oil dipstick for 2001-2002 Dodge Cummins 24 Valve Cummins part number: 3937748..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5473238
1989-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Water Pump New, no core charge! Get the real deal, not some cheap parts store pump! Cummins part number 5473238 (supercedes 3286278).  Does include O-ring.  ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 251919
89-2012 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins Diesel block heater replacement cord. Some trucks came equipped but a block heater, but didn't come with a cord. This is a direct replacement cord. By Cummins, part number 251919.  ..

Brand: Hellmann Performance Part Number: BALUMOC
The aluminum oil cap is designed to fit all OEM valve covers for Cummins 24 valve engines 98.5+, as well as the Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover. It is machined of aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum and is equipped with an oil seal to ensure proper fitment. Hellmann Performance part number: B..

Part Number: DS-5.9ALT
Don't waste time and money on trying to wire up an external regulator to your Dodge alternator, the results are too unreliable. Replace the stock Bosch or Nippondenso factory alternator for the last time on your 1989-2002 engine. Replace the stock 110 amp unit making 45 idle amps with our 136 amp un..

Brand: Peak Diesel Performance Part Number: 8802CCVKit
Tired of spots on your driveway, oil on your radiator, an oily mess in your engine compartment? Give the Cummins Breather Kit a try! Works on all Cummins Engines and Dodge Cummins 5.9L 1988 - 2002. Complete kit with everything you need to install.  Installs in under 1/2 hour.Bottle Dimensions: 3.1..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3928455
Includes only item number 5 in the picture. Cummins:  3928455..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3945799
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - CHECK BACK LATER FOR UPDATES  Replacement Paintable, Cast Aluminum Cummins 24 Valve valve cover. *If you select to get a can of paint your order will only be able to ship via GROUND shipping. Cummins: 3945799..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3957544
Cummins: 3957544 Picture for representation ONLY...

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 52105299AB
This is genuine Mopar product, part number:52105299AB 5210 5299 AB 5210-5299-AB..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5333499
1994 - 2002 5.9L 2nd Gen Cummins OEM factory belt tensioner. Cummins: 5333499..

Brand: Bosch Part Number: 1467445003
Genuine Bosch Part VP44 Overflow Valve Does not comes with sealing washers. If you need them included, please add them above. Part number:  1467445003..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3926910
Includes plug only. 22mm.  This SHOULD fit 94-01 Cummins engines, however if your oil pan has been swapped or you have an industrial application engine, the plug may be smaller.  Gasket available separately (Part number 3923096). Cummins: 3926910 ..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3969987
This fits 1998.5-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins diesel trucks that have the grid heater AS A SEPARATE UNIT. Some Dodge trucks have the grid heaters built into the intake plenum. This item will NOT work on trucks with this setup. Includes ONLY item number 3. Cummins:  3969987 Requires two..

Part Number: R90SS
Super Size Starter contacts have approximately 90% more contact area than stock. Designed to carry twice the voltage load for easier starting and last years longer. Our Super Contacts Fit perfectly and are for replacement of sticking and clicking stock starter contacts in 1989 to 2006 Cummins powere..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3912747
OEM Cummins turbo oil feed line. To verify fitment on 89-93 Cummins trucks, please enter your ESN/Engine Serial number.  Cummins part #3912747 Number 5 in image only...

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3973071
Includes plug & gasket. 18mm. Cummins: 3973071..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 2x 3919687
Two fittings either side of turbo oil feed line. Cummins part number 3919687. Includes TWO of Number 9 & TWO of number 8 in image only...

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3934303
This is a factory oil filter housing. 1998 24 Valve Cummins Owners! Please enter your ESN above. We need to check which oil filter housing your engine takes. You MAY need a more expensive, different part number. Cummins part number: 3934303..

Brand: Pure Diesel Power Part Number: PDPCCVBK-24V
Help Eliminate Excessive Crank Case Pressure With The PDP Oil Cap Breather Kit! We made a replacement for the current breathers on the market that did not have consistent availability. Our breathers also have the option of being polished (additional charge) and you get three filter color choices! D..

Brand: Fluidampr Part Number: 960301
Fluidampr Harmonic BalancerFor 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins Diesels A new Fluidampr on your diesel truck will not only protect your engine from destructive torsional vibrations but will also increase TORQUE & HORSEPOWER. High performance diesel engines running chips and programmers are e..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 53031626AC
Connects from the accelerator pedal to the accelerator pedal position sensor belcrank. Fits 98.5-02 Cummins equipped with the VP44 injection pump.  Mopar part number: 53031626AC (5303 1626 AC)..

Brand: Mopar Part Number: 2x52027827
Radiator mount isolators.  Sold in pairs. One truck requires 2 Upper isolators & 2 Lower Isolators.  Please check the box for the isolators you need above to purchase. Picture for illustrative purposes only. However, the lowers would be number 4 in the picture and the uppers would be by #3 in th..

Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3944961
Cummins OEM timing cover Breather Replacement O-ring included. Cummins part number: 3944961..

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