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00-02 Dodge Ram Dana 60 CAD Inner Axle Seal Kit For Both Sides

QK4621 Inner Axle Seal Kit for Both Sides is our best selling Kit for 2000-2002 Ram Dana 60 CAD front axles. The including tools install QU40271 and QU40298 original equipment seals. These large diameter seals are not interchangeable with any other year or model of truck. CNC Precision Machined Installers to allow adjustment of seal depth to compensate for worn inner axles. QK4621 Kit includes QT1070 Right Axle Seal Installer, QT1071 Left Axle Seal Installer, QT1131 Axle Thrust Plate, QT1048 Pull Rod, with hardware, QU40090 CAD Gasket, 1 each QU40271QU40298 Axle Shaft Seals, and QU50048 Vent Hose Clamp. Tools Made in Montana.

Also see: QK4803 Right Side Only Kit or QK4820 Left Side Only Kit

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Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Old Seals
Tech Help

Tool Set
Matching Parts

Tech Note 1: 1994-2002
Dodge used the Ball Joint type Dana 60 front axle in Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 trucks from 1994 to 2002. All early 2002 and prior axles are equipped with CAD. During the 2002 model year, there was a mid-year model change to a no disconnect, constantly engaged front axle.

Tech Note 2:  Old Seals
Once the axle is disassembled, the old seals can be easily removed with our QT1145 and QT1216 Seal Remover Tools or other suitable tool such as a length of sturdy pipe that will fit inside the axle tube. You will also need to clean the inside of the axle tube to remove dirt and crud that could get pushed into your new seal during reassembly.

Tech Note 3: Tech Help
Need tech help on how to perform inner axle seal replacement on your 2000-2002 Dodge Ram 2500 or Ram 3500? Get my TSB4620 Inner Axle Seal Replacement Tech Service Bulletin, a fully illustrated, 8 page publication with 31 color photos that is specific to 1994-1999 models but is equally applicable to 2000-2002 model service procedures except for the seal tool numbers and brake rotor removal (2000-2002 brake rotors are not part of the hub assembly). Available in print version only.

Tech Note 4: Removal
To replace the inner axle seals on your axle, you need to remove the brake rotors, wheel hubs, axle shafts, and CAD shift housing plus to replace the left seal the differential cover and differential need to be removed from the axle. The inner axle seals can ONLY be replaced from the inside.

Tech Note 5: Offset
Upon removal, check you axle shafts for damage in the seal contact area. If your axle shafts are badly grooved or rust pitted you will need to replace your axle shaft to prevent oil seeps or leaks. Less severe damage can be cleaned up with super-fine abrasive cloth and you can slightly offset the seal with our adjustable depth tool design so the seal lip will contact an undamaged surface. To offset the seal, you first temporarily place the seal installer in your old seal before you knock it out. Mark the depth of our tool in your housing. Remove the tool and old seals. When you install the new seal(s), offset it from the original depth by pressing it in more or less than the original seal depth as indicated by your depth mark.

Tech Note 6: Tool Set
Already have the Seals? See TS4621 for the Tool Only Set.

Tech Note 7: Inspect
When replacing your inner axle seals, ALWAYS inspect your Ball Joints, Axle Universal Joints, Differential Bearings, and Wheel Bearings/Hubs for wear or damage. The extra time needed to replace these components is minimal since you already have the axle apart to do the axle seals.

Tech Note 8: Matching Parts
Matching Parts for QK4621 Axle Seal and Tool Kit:
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QU40274 CAD Axle Shaft Shift Collar
QK4627 CAD Small Parts Kit
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QU40469 Left Inner Axle Shaft
QU40357 Outer Axle Shaft
QU10943 Differential Output Shaft 2000-2002.5 with CAD, 32 splines inboard x 18 splines outboard
QK4732 Outer Axle Shaft Nut and Washer Kit
QU10963 Right Brake Shield for 2000-2002 Ram 2500, Ram 3500
QU10964 Left Brake Shield for 2000-2002 Ram 2500, Ram 3500
QU10594 Hub to Knuckle Bolt
QU40367 Dana Original Equipment Model 60/70 Differential Cover Pan Gasket
QU42029 Dana Reusable Model 60 Differential Cover Pan Gasket
QU40219 Dana OEM Ball Joint Set for 1 Side
QK4510 Ball Joint Kit for Both Sides
QK4776 Greaseable Replacement Ball Joint Set
QU30332 U-Joint with greaseable Hot-Forged Cross
TK40715 Premium non-greaseable U-Joint with Cold Forged Cross
TK40724 Premium greaseable U-Joint with Cold Forged Cross
QK4555 Wheel Hub Kit for 2000-2002 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with 4 Wheel ABS
QK4574 Wheel Hub Kit for 2000-2002 Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Rear Wheel ABS
QT1032 Differential Case Spreader
QT1008i Axle Shaft Nut Socket
QT1072 Hub Puller
Dodge & Ram Shop Manuals

Dodge Ram:
Ram 2500, Ram 3500 with Vacuum Controlled Central Axle Disconnect: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2002.5

Part number: QK4621

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