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Industrial Injection DRAGON FIRE VP44 140% More Flow vs Stock!

Dragon Flow Extreme VP44 Injection Pump

2-3 Weeks to build before shipping out

150% More fuel delivery than a stock injection pump.

We offer this pump for the extreme drag racer or competition sled puller.

For the extreme drag racing and sled pulling diesel power, Cummins Industrial Injection offers the biggest pump on the market. With a smashing, 150% more fueling capabilities than the stock VP44 injection pump, the DragonFire Extreme injection pump is your answer to big horsepower and the fastest diesel truck at the track. The DragonFire Extreme VP44 requires the installation of oversize transfer tubes, larger fuel lines, and at least a 6 × .016 injector.

1 Year Warranty. Warranty coverage will most likely be denied if the pump wire is "tapped" by a chip or module.

$400 Core Charge. The customer is responsible for return freight.

IMPORTANT CORE NOTE: If Industrial Injection Deems a VP44 pump is non-rebuildable due to water or foreign object damage, you may not be eligible for a full core credit. 

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