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VP44 Injection Pumps

Pure Diesel Power offers a large line of Bosch VP44 Fuel Injection pumps for the 98.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins Diesel.
We offer stock remanufactured pumps, 235HP SO (standard output) pumps, and 245 horsepower HO (High Output) pumps from BD, Industrial Injection, Area Diesel, Scheid Diesel, and Bosch.

235HP VP44 Injection pumps replace/supercede engines that say 215HP on the serial number tag. 
245HP VP44 Injection pumps are generally usedon 2001 & 2002 6 speed manual Cummins diesel trucks.

For high performance and competition use, we carry VP44 injection pumps such as the Hot Rod pump, which will gain you 80-100 hp over stock and the Dragon Fire pump, which flows 140% more than stock from Industrial Injection.

We also offer pumps from Scheid Diesel, including the 235HP SO, the 245HP HO, and the Scheid Lightning VP44 HO injection pump.