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IIS Cummins VP44 Hot Rod Injection Pump gain 80-100HP over stock

IIS Cummins VP44 Hot Rod Injection Pump gain 80-100HP over stock
IIS Cummins VP44 Hot Rod Injection Pump gain 80-100HP over stock

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  • Part Number: 0470506028SHOSE
  • Est. Ship Time: 6-8 Week Lead Time

Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins Diesel VP44 Hot Rod Injection Pump

Increase Horsepower And Torque (80-100 HP)

Built W/ Brand New Factory OEM Parts

Brand New Electronics

150 GPH Lift Pump Or Larger Recommended

120 HP Race 2 Injectors Or Larger Required

1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

The Industrial Injection Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump was designed to supply fuel to larger injectors in higher performance setups on your 1998-2002 Cummins. This pump will develop an additional 80-100hp depending on the injectors you are running. This pump has been copied by others but never duplicated. This is the best value Hot Rod VP44 on the market.

Note: Wire tapping the pump with a performance module will void any and all warranty.


VP44028 is also known as : HO, High Output, 245HP, 028, 0470506028 or IPVR17X, 05018495AA, 05019657AA, 05019657AB, 05019657AC, 05019657AD, R5018495AA, R5019657AA, R5019657AB, R5019657AC, R5019657AD, 3937159RX, 3937670RX, 3937687RX, 3946370RX, 3947031RX, 3947159RX, 0470506014, 0470506021, 0470506028, IPVR14X, and IPVR17X.

Built by Industrial Injection

1 year warranty, warranty void if wire is tapped.

Add $400 core charge, customer is responsible for return shipping of core.

Part number: 0470506028SHOSE

Industrial Injection Core Policy:

"Core" is actually an acronym for "Cash On Return". Cores are rebuildable parts that can usually be redeemed for a portion of their original purchase price. An acceptable core is one that is not broken or so severely damaged beyond repair that it can no longer be repaired and rebuilt to proper working condition.

To receive full core credit, the core you return must be the same model and part number as what was purchased. There is generally not a problem with core refunds. But if you are unsure if your core will meet our core return policy, then please call our parts department at 715-254-1833 before you place your order.

Cores should be shipped back to us within 40 days of purchase in the original container that the new / rebuilt part was received in. The shipping cost for the return of the core is the responsibility of the customer. Cores returned after 40 days will only be eligible for a $150 core refund.

 Part#: 0470506028SHOSE
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