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Hellmann Performance Fuel Tank Sump

By: Hellmann Performance

Sick of 1/4 tank or lower fuel supply issues with a suction tube? Park on a hill with low fuel and now your truck won't start? (with stand tube)

This is the solution! The Hellman Fuel Tank sump mounts on the bottom of your fuel tank and give you the lowest possible point to draw fuel from.  A must have for people that like to utilize the WHOLE tank of fuel!

Requires drilling a 3 inch hole in the bottom of the fuel tank, then bolting the plate from outside the tank.

New! Can be installed without dropping your fuel tank! 

Works great on steel and plastic tanks! ALL sumps now are sent with the split ring design for easy install. See the addtional pictures.

Now offering sumps with DUAL ports for those of you that requested it. Add $15 for this option. 
Ports are 1/2NPT.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice