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98.5-02 5.9L Cummins 24v Honed Race2 120 Hp Bosch Injector


These new Factory OEM injectors fit all Cummins 24 valve engine 1998-2002. They have been extrude honed to develop 120 extra hp. They are balanced to exact flow values which makes your engine run very smooth. Pop-off pressure set to 300BAR.

We use a state of the art Extrude Hone machine that measures exact media flow. This ensures that your injectors are perfectly balanced. The calibration of the breaking pressures are always reset every time we install the nozzles.

-A very good addition to these injectors is our Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump.

-A great turbo to support the fuel these injectors are capable of is our very own PhatShaft 62mm (PS6280) or our Viper 63mm turbo (VPS63FMW80)

Part#: 0432193635-R2

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