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98.5-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Hellmann T6 Aluminum Fuel Distribution Block

The Hellmann Performance Fuel Distribution Block eliminates the mess of fuel lines associated with dual CP3 systems, or aftermarket high volume fuel pump. (ex. FASS, Air Dog) Once a dual CP3 system is integrated, fuel lines are a mess in the engine bay creating confusion. If running a FASS / Air Dog high volume fuel pump system, OEM canisters are normally the first thing to go. The Distribution Block is designed to mount in the OEM position of the fuel filter canister. The Distribution Block is intended with choice and option in mind.

It is machined with three ½ inch NPT fuel feed ports, five 3/8 inch NPT fuel return ports, and two 1/8 inch NPT fuel accessory ports. The block is machined from aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum, includes mounting hardware, and 2 fuel port block off plugs. It is designed to be used with Dodge Trucks equipped with Cummins Turbo Diesel engines, 1998.5-2007.


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