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Edge Products 01-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Edge Products Juice with Attitude CTS3 Monitor

Fits: 2001-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

The Edge Products 31501-3 Juice With Attitude CTS3 Monitor has been developed by Edge to be an innovative and high-tech module for both the average diesel owner and horsepower enthusiast. The Juice with Attitude controls timing, fuel pressure, and injector duration to deliver maximum performance, with a safe and usable powerband for your 2001-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins. This inline system supplies diesel owners with peace of mind by including built-in safety features like cold engine protection, EGT backdown, and transmission slip backdown. The state-of-the-art CTS3 monitor is combined with the Juice to enable you to customize your driving experience and monitor various engine parameters such as turbo boost, fuel pressure, transmission temperatures, EGTs, as well as many others (parameters may change depending on vehicle). Multiple settings such as Mileage, Towing, Daily Driving, Performance, and Extreme power curves come pre-programmed for your vehicle. The CTS3 monitor can be setup with multiple backgrounds and gauge layouts, including on-the-fly power level adjustment to provide you with a complete customizable user experience that is one-of-a-kind.

When you mount the Juice with Attitude CTS3 inside the cabin of your Dodge Ram 2500/3500 you will have complete control of your driving experience. The CTS3 features Wi-Fi capability so that your monitor can stay up-to-date with software specially developed by the engineers at Edge Products. The 5" full color, high-resolution touch screen of the CTS3 has a slim and sleek design and features the latest in swipe technology for an easy-to-use and premium experience. Along with performance gains the CTS3 allows you to monitor various key parameters in your vehicle in real-time. Maximize the use of your CTS3 monitor when you add the Edge EAS system that allows you to power accessories install additional sensors, and more!


  • Multiple Options For Mileage, Towing, Daily Driving & More
  • Customizable Gauge Layouts & Color Options
  • Monitor Multiple Crucial Engine Parameters
  • Built-In Dynamic Safety Features
  • WiFi Update Capability
  • Customizable With EAS System
  • Securely Mounts In Cabin
  • 5" Full Color, High Resolution Touchscreen With Swipe Technology
  • Not available for sale in the state of California.


Level 1 40hp/150tq

Level 2 60hp/180tq

Level 3 75hp/200tq

Level 4 90hp/250tq

Level 5 125hp/325tq

Level 6 (Hot Unlock Required) 150hp/350tq

Max EGT Setpoint

Backdown Settings Enable/Disable

Cold Engine Defuel Enable/Disable

Tire Size Adjust 1-50"

Boost Setpoint Levels 1-5

Turbo Timer On/Off with EGT or Time Based Setting

Advanced Timing Settings - Stock/Juice

NOTE: Hot Unlock NOT Included

Edge Products: 31501-3

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