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94-98 Dodge 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Power Driven Diesel P7100 Delivery Valve Socket

Simplify removing and reinstalling delivery valves with this socket. This tools makes working on delivery valves easy, ensures secure installation, and keeps the valves from being damaged.

Power Driven Diesel now offers an in-house designed Delivery Valve Holder Socket for P7100 injection pumps. In addition to being made entirely in the USA, it provides the best fit and function of any delivery valve holder socket on the market. First, the internal geometry was optimized to perfectly fit the splines on factory Bosch DV holders, meaning no more stripped sockets or holders. Second, the internal shape of the socket better fits the holder itself, reducing the risk of damage to the holder during removal and installation. Along with that, the shorter design and conserves critical overhead clearance, potentially allowing users with aftermarket intake horns to remove the DV holders without first removing the intake horn. The top of the socket also offers maximum versatility. A precision-broached 1/2″ drive mounts readily to most torque wrenches, and the external 24mm or 15/16″ hex head allows the use of an open- or box-end wrench if clearance is limited.
With Power Driven Diesel’s new DV Holder Socket, never sweat a delivery valve replacement again!

Power Driven Diesel: 62001010007

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