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High Flow Laser Cut Delivery Valves, 94-98 Dodge 12V Cummins

High Flow Laser Cut Delivery Valves by SCHEID Diesel
For the P7100 Injection Pump found on 94-98 Dodge 12 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesel.

Do you need more fuel for your Dodge 12 valve cummins?
Does your Cummins run poorly or after installing large injectors?
Looking for more low end fueling?

These delivery valves have shown gains of 100HP over stock delivery valves.

These flow 30cc's more than the 191's and ~70-80cc's more than stock.

How much fuel do these add?
Check out these truck pull videos for a comparison:

Pull #1 (Stock Delivery Valves) 2.6MB: CLICK HERE

Pull #2 (Delivery Valves & Tires swapped) 9.8MB: CLICK HERE

For installation instructions, click here

Please note: If for some unforseen reason you need to return these Delivery valves, credit WILL NOT be issued if the holders are separated from the delivery valves.

You will need to buy or borrow a delivery valve socket to install these. Either borrow one or select the option below to buy one.

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