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Bosch 215 Factory Injectors 94-98 Dodge 12V Cummins


Bosch 215 Factory Marine injectors for the 1994-1998 Dodge 12 valve cummins turbo diesel.
Will add up to 60hp depending on the injection pump, and cam plate installed.
Low to Medium smoke levels.
Great RV injectors for towing and mild horsepower upgrades.

All horsepower levels are approximate increases compared to stock injectors. Other fuel and air flow modifications will change your expected power increases. Smoke levels are relative to turbo and other air flow modifications.

These values are listed primarily to allow customers to compare performance levels of different injectors, so they can better choose the right ones for their needs. A set of 370 injectors may produce much higher smoke levels on a stock turbo compared to a set of twins. But for the same turbo/air flow setup a set of 215's will produce "lower" smoke levels compared to 370's which will produce "medium to high" levels for the same setup.

These injectors include a full installation kit.

Bosch: 0432133844

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