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94-98 Dodge 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins AVP Billet P7100 Delivery Valve Holder (Single Holder)

Elevate your Dodge Cummins Diesel truck's performance with AVP's Billet Delivery Valve Holders designed for the P7100 fuel pump. Engineered for precision, these holders are your key to unlocking the full potential of your '94 - '98 Dodge Cummins engine.

Product Highlights:

• Fuel Flow Optimization: AVP's Billet Delivery Valve Holders are meticulously crafted to enhance fuel flow, contributing to improved performance.

• Stress Relief: These holders are expertly designed to reduce camshaft/roller bearing stress and pressure.

• Extended Pump Life: By minimizing pump wear and tear, these holders extend the lifespan of your Bosch P7100 injection pump.

• User-Friendly Installation: Featuring a convenient 19mm hex design, AVP holders simplify the installation and removal process, replacing the factory spline setup.

• Compatible & Reliable: Designed for '94 - '98 Dodge Cummins trucks equipped with Bosch 7100 injection pumps, these holders are engineered to last.


*AVP's Billet Delivery Valve Holders do not include delivery valve holder o-rings.

*Users must retain and reuse the existing spring on top of the stock delivery valve.

Upgrade your Dodge Cummins Diesel truck today with AVP's Billet Delivery Valve Holders for superior performance and lasting durability.


Cross reference part numbers:

- 2413371137

- 2413371255

- 1006

- ATP1006

- APP-1006

- XD337



- BDVH120

- BDVH120X6



- BDVH093

- BDVH093X6

- 232602

Key features

• Enhances fuel flow for improved performance
• Reduces camshaft/roller bearing stress and pressure
• Prolongs the life of your Bosch P7100 injection pump
• User-friendly design with a 19mm hex for easier installation and removal
• Compatible with '94 - '98 Dodge Cummins trucks equipped with Bosch 7100 injection pumps
• Replacement for Bosch part numbers 2413371137 and 2413371255

Cannot ship to California, Colorado or New York


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