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89-02 Dodge Cummins External Voltage Regulator

This is a drop-in replacement for 89-93 trucks. It is a "retrofit" part for 94-02 trucks. It only includes the regulator, no plug. 

  • Mechanical units feature heavy gauge coils to resist heat and keep voltage levels consistent, bi-metal hinges for better temperature compensation, and long-lasting contacts of gold, platinum, silver alloy or tungsten for maximum voltage control. A heavy gauge, one-piece drawn base is used where required.
  • The STANDARD® voltage regulators use manufactured circuit boards that use only the highest grade components; mylar capacitors and heavy-duty power transistors to resist heat damage. The benefit is greater durability and longer life.
  • STANDARD® voltage regulator's PC board is encapsulated in epoxy. The benefit is improved resistance to failures caused by vibration and corrosion of electrical connections.
  • The film resistors in our electronic regulators are trimmed by laser for maximum accuracy and control.
  • All voltage regulators are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and electronically tested before leaving the factory.

Part Number: VR125

See additional picture for hints on installation.


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