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94-02 Dodge Lukes Link Track Bar End Upgrade Rebuild Kit

Product is no longer available from PDP- Please visit Luke's Link to purchase. 

For a more robust option, check out this track bar kit we sell- Click here!

Luke's Link is a heavy duty rebuild kit that was invented to rebuild tie rods, drag links and tracking bars. It will rebuild it stronger than new. There is no need to ever buy a new tie rod or tracking bar.  Installing a Luke's Link should allow the bar to last the life of the vehicle.  This kit is greasable and it can be adjusted if it ever becomes loose. Parts for this kit may be purchased separate in case it becomes loose.

This kit will work on 94-02 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 & 3500 4x4 trucks.

Optional Track Bar Bushing:

One of the weakest points on the ‘94-‘02 Dodge truck suspension is the trackbar and tie rod ends. Install these Luke's Link polyurethane bushings to tighten up the bar-to-frame connection and help fix steering problems.

Bushing kit includes a single bushing to do one side of the trackbar. Factory hardware will be reused.

Bushing works on all makes and models 1994-2002.

You can download the Luke's Link installation instructions to understand what it takes to install a link or if you lose the instructions provided in the kit itself.  Note (8/10/2009):  This product will not fit on 2 1/8" Diameter or Moog bar.  Please contact us if you have an questions regarding a Moog Bar.

Luke's Link Installation Instructions (04/11/2009)

Luke's Link Features:

Cost savings.
If you did the full replacement with a new tie rod or tracking bar, you would spend up to a $1,000 on repairs. By performing the work yourself, you can spend about 100 dollars in replacement of the end and solve the steering problems. The installation takes about 30 minutes and you save on parts and remove the need to perform a realignment of the front end.

Ability to make adjustments
The Luke’s Link kit design allows adjustments of the unit. Throughout normal use, parts that move together do wear down. With the Luke’s Link, you can make adjustments to provide that like new feeling instead of dealing with that loose steering.

Ability to replace parts
The parts that make up the Luke’s Link can be replaced when normal wear and tear affect the part. It is easier to replace a part on a link than the whole tie rod or steering arm.

Ease of installation
This kit is easy to install with a little understanding of shop tools. You can download the installation instructions for the Tracking Bar to get more information on the installation of the product. The file is an Adobe PDF and you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader software on your PC. The software is free and you can download it by pressing the Adobe button below.

Reduce the amount of waste produced.
One outcome of the use of Luke’s Link is the reduction of metal waste. Instead of replacing the whole tie rod components or steering arms when they fail, you can reuse the parts and just replace the worn part with a Luke’s Link.

Luke's Link is Patented
The design of Luke's Link is unique and has been Patented.  The Patent number is #461325.

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