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1994 Dodge 2500/3500 Borgeson Steering Shaft Assembly

1994 Dodge 2500/3500 Borgeson Steering Shaft Assembly

Full size Dodge Pickups have a type of steering coupler that can show signs of wear in as little as 4500 miles, depending on how the truck is used. This wear, which causes play in the truck's steering, is even more noticeable if your truck is used for plowing, towing or if oversized tires have been installed. Replacing the worn steering shaft with another OEM shaft only gives you a temporary fix. Borgeson has replacement steering shaft assemblies with precision needle bearing u-joints available for 1979 to 2002 full size Dodge trucks.

1994 Dodge Pickups
This Borgeson replacement assembly incorporates a needle bearing u-joint on one end of a telescoping shaft and a Vibration reducer / u-joint on the other. The heart of the Borgeson assembly is the precision needle bearing u-joint. The telescoping shaft not only gives an added safety feature, but also accommodates aftermarket body lift kits.

All Borgeson truck steering assemblies are easy to install with common hand tools. In 20-30 minutes your truck will be back on the road with vastly improved handling characteristics.


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