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Dodge Ram 5.9L 12-Valve Cummins Gaskets & Seals

Reseal Kits, Upper & Lower Gasket Kits, Head Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Crank Seals, Oil Pan Gaskets, Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, & more for the 1994-1998 Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 trucks equipped with the 5.9L 6BT Cummins diesel.
We offer top brands such as Bosch, CNH, Cometic, Cummins, Interstate Mcbee, Mahle Clevite/Victor Reinz, & more!

Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3802820
Crankshaft grooved? This is the only way to get it to seal up correctly.Includes sleeve you install to cover the crankshaft, allowing for a tight seal. Does not include installation tool   Interstate McBee: M3802820..
Brand: CTA Manufacturing Corp. Part Number: 8612
This tool is a must have for anyone who regularly works on Cummins diesel trucks. Be it a 1989 VE Pump Cummins or a 2014 6.7L Cummins, these engines love to leak oil out of the front crank seal. The best solution is to get a new crank seal with a "speedy sleeve". Also called a wear sleeve, the sleev..
Brand: Mahle Part Number: 48383
Mahle replacement front crank seal with integrated repair sleeve. Mahle part number: 48383..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3906698
This is number 2 in image only. Will work for 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins water pump. Cummins part number: 3906698..
Brand: CNH Part Number: CNH A77810
Includes seal & wear sleeve. Does NOT include sleeve driver installation ring. 89-21 Dodge 5.9L Rear Main Seal Kit with Speedy/Wear Sleeve Want a good quality front seal & repair sleeve, but don't want to pay "Cummins" prices?Or, do you not trust the aftermarket seals available?This C..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-4089342
Includes: Seal Driver ring Plate gasket Install instructions Interstate-McBee part number: M-4089342..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5405392
Includes seal and install instructions. Seal comes with plastic inner ring. Rear Main Seal Housing(or plate gasket) NOT included. -see below. Cummins: 5405392 Replaces part: 3934486, 4089342..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3926126
Includes seal & wear sleeve. 89-21 Dodge 5.9L Rear Main Seal Kit with Speedy/Wear Sleeve Only Item 10 in Picture Cummins: 3926126..
Brand: Mahle Part Number: 67857
Specifications Seal Style One Piece Seal Material Rubber Item Grade OEM Standard Additional Package Contents Sleeve   Mahle part number: 67857..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-5259499
1989 - 2021 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L McBee Rear Main Seal with cardboard inner ring  Does NOT come with the steel ring. McBee part number: M-3970548..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5259499
1989 - 2021 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins Rear Main Seal with cardboard inner ring  Does NOT come with the steel ring. Cummins part number: 3970548..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3906697
Includes #3 in second picture only.  Color may vary. Cummins part number: 3906697..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-4089649
Fits all 89-98 Dodge 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Diesels Includes: Standard Thickness Head Gasket 7mm to 9mm injector adapter bushings (only needed on 89-91 trucks) Intake Gasket (long rectangular) Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Grid Heater Gaskets Turbo Drain Gasket Injector copper seals Various sma..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3969988
94-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins Diesel McBee Small Square Heater Grid Intake Gasket McBee part number: M-3969988..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3969988
94-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins Small Square Heater Grid Intake Gasket Cummins: 3969988..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3925466/3927305
Thermostat orings only. Cummins part numbers:Inner Seal: 3925466Outer Seal: 3927305 ..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3066211
Air Transfer Tube O-Ring ONLY! Cummins part number: 3066211Includes number 1 from image ONLY!..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3066211
Air Transfer Tube O-Ring ONLY! McBee part number: M-3066211..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: 3834185S
Cummins fuel pre-heater upper gasket for '94-'98, 12V 5.9L Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel trucks.Part Number: 3834185S..
Brand: Bosch Part Number: 2420206007
P7100 AFC Housing Gasket Fits- 1994-1998 Dodge 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Part number: 2420206007..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3824498
Cummins's Front Crankshaft Seal Installation Tool for 1989 - Present Dodge Cummins diesels. This Front Crankshaft Seal Installation Tool is a genuine Cummins part for Dodge diesel trucks 1989 to Present. This tool is made to properly place the crankshaft seal without leaks.   Cummins Front Cranksh..
Brand: Mahle Part Number: G32761
Replace the worn turbocharger flange gasket in your vehicle when you install the Mahle G32761 T6 Turbocharger Flange Gasket. Designed as an OEM replacement to damaged gaskets, the Turbocharger Flange Gasket meets factory specifications. Constructed from stock materials, or better, the Turbocharger ..
Brand: Mahle Part Number: MS10141
Fits: 1989-1998 Dodge Ram 5.9L CumminsMahle Gaskets & Seals give you an OE Form, fit, and function to provide you with performance that is as good or better then the original. Choose MAHLE Gaskets for a perfect fit and factory-like seal. Beaded Steel MaterialExhaust Manifold GasketsFactory ..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4089742
Cummins OEM Vacuum Pump Seal Kit For Your 1991.5-2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Cummins Turbo Diesel This kit includes everything needed to reseal that pesky oil leak from your vacuum pump. Cummins: 4089742..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3918673
94-02 12 & 24 Valve 5.9L 2nd Gen Cummins McBee Front Timing Cover Gasket McBee part number: M-3918673..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3918673
94-02 12 & 24 Valve 5.9L 2nd Gen Cummins Front Timing Cover GasketCummins: 3918673..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 5264569
Includes item #4 in second picture.  Turbo Oil drain tube gasket only. Cummins: 5264569..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3901356
1989-2002 5.9L Cummins Diesel Turbo to Manifold T3 Gasket Cummins Part number: 3901356 Picture may not represent actual gasket, it is for illustrative purposes only...
Brand: Aftermarket Parts Part Number: VS50396R x6
Set of 6 Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gaskets for the 89-98 Dodge 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Diesels. Includes 6 valve cover bolt sealing washers as well. We have found that these gaskets DO NOT swell up and leak like the Cummins gaskets. (3930906)They seal up time after time if you remove and install your valv..
Brand: Mahle Part Number: OS32139
1989-2002 Cummins Mahle Oil Pan gasket set. Fits 5.9L 12 & 24 Valve Cummins.Mahle Part number: OS32139..
Brand: PAI Industries Part Number: CUP131406
1989-2002 Cummins PAI Oil Pan gasket.  Fits 5.9L 12 & 24 Valve Cummins. Does not include pickup tube gasket. The 1989-2002 Cummins 12v/24v oil pan gasket from PAI is a high-quality replacement gasket designed to fit perfectly between the engine pan and block. This gasket provides a ..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3804897
Complete upper cylinder head gasket set for the Dodge 89-98 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins engine.  This gasket set includes the standard PRESS ON valve seals like are found on most 89-97 12 Valve Cummins Engines. If your engine has the top-hat style valve seals that are held down by the valve spring..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4947667
Includes number 4 in second picture. Cummins: 4947667..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3959052
89-02 Dodge 5.9L McBee Cummins Diesel Oil Pan Gasket McBee part number: M-3959052..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 4337616
89-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Oil Pan Gasket Cummins: 4337616 This replaces part number 3959052, no longer available...
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3929792 + 4932124
Includes Cummins part numbers: 1x 39297921x 4932124 Includes #6 & #7 in the picture only. This will only fit 89-97 blocks with the single turbo oil drain and 14mm Main Studs...
Brand: Mahle Part Number: JV1622
Includes rear main crank seal and rear main seal housing gasket. May Require The Use Of Installation Tool GS33491, Gasket Included: Yes Seal Material: Rubber Gasket Material: Paper Mahle part number: JV1622..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3938152/2x3969988
Intake Gasket kit. These are factory replacement Cummins parts. Set includes the base gasket and both square upper gaskets for the grid and horn. Includes: -1x 3938152 -2x 3969988  ..
Brand: Aftermarket Parts Part Number: KDP04
89-93 Dodge 1st Gen 5.9L Cummins DieselKiller Dowel Pin Repair Kit (KDP) Includes: Crank Seal Dowel Pin Tab TUBE OF RTV *This pin is designed to reuse your dowel pin. Does NOT come with new dowel pin. If you need a new pin select above. Other items may need to be replaced, and this kit may..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: 6x M-3900267
This is for a set of (6) grommets. Enough to replace all in tappet cover. McBee part number:  M-3900267..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3900267x6
This is for a set(6) of grommets. Enough to replace all in tappet cover. 6 of number 1 in image only. Cummins part number:  3900267..
Brand: Interstate-McBee Part Number: M-3938156
89-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel Gear Housing Gasket By McBee This gasket installs between the timing gearcase housing and the block. (this is the really hard to get to gasket that requires you pull the cam or cam gear to replace it). McBee part number: M-3938156..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3938156
89-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Gear Housing Gasket This gasket installs between the timing gearcase housing and the block. (this is the really hard to get to gasket that requires you pull the cam or cam gear to replace it). Includes item #1 in the second picture ONLY.Cummins: 3938156..
Brand: Cummins Part Number: 3938157
Dodge 3.9L 4BT & 5.9L 6BT Cummins Oil Pickup Tube Gasket Number 9 in the picture. Cummins part number 3938157...
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