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24V Cummins Tool Steel Roller Rockerarm Assembly

From Manton Manton




Manton Is proud to announce we are now offering "Bolt On" Toolsteel Roller Rockerarm Assemblies for the 1998.5 - Present 5.9/6.7 Cummins Diesel.

Manton has incorporated our same Values in our new diesel system as we have used in our Proven Top Fuel and Blown Alcohol Fat Head Hemi Roller Rockerarm systems.

 Manton's rockerarm Bodies Feature a polished Bronze Bushing and are machined from the same bushing material we use in all of our rockerarm assemblies. These bodies are machined from one our specially selected Proprietary Grade of Toolsteel for specific characteristics when incorporating our heat treatment regimen. We have also incorporated 2 of our special aero space grade toolsteels into the roller and pin to allow from extremely high load capability.

Manton's system comes standard with all of our rockerarm hardware which will include a full set of Toolsteel Adjusting screws , Toolsteel Corrected oiling Trunnion Bearings & Toolsteel I- Beam Valve Bridges.

Manton has also incorporated 12point Jam Nuts and Corrected Length upgraded 12point Rockerarm Retension bolts standard.

 This system was design to be the end all of roller rockerarms for you Cummins, they have been designed to be as Durable , reliable and Effecient as could be Bolted Right on without engine modification.

Part number: D-141-24V