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This category is a full range of parts and equipment that are designed to work with nearly any car or truck, regardless of the manufacturer. From standard valves, fittings and clamps to universal hoses, reducers and connections, these parts are the perfect solution no matter your vehicle. Made from only the highest quality materials and built to last, these parts are the perfect solution for any need.

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Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98203
The Edge Products 98203 Back-Up Camera License Plate Mount is specifically designed for use with any of the Edge Products CTS3 monitors or DiabloSport Trinity 2. This back-up camera is automatically engaged when reserve is detected in most vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. It can als..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98900
The Edge Products 98900 Juice With Attitude Replacement EGT Probe is a replacement for the probe that is included with your Edge Products Juice With Attitude System. FEATURES:For Edge Juice With Attitude Monitor Replacement Probe Part number: 98900..

Part Number: CLA000321
V-band assemblies are the most versatile and reliable way to connect your exhaust components. With V-band assemblies, you achieve the flexibility to install and swap your exhaust parts easily while maintaining the sturdiness and leak-proofing of a welded exhaust.These 304 stainless steel V-band clam..

Brand: AC Delco Part Number: 12378521
The ACDelco 12378521 RTV Engine Sealant is the sealant used in GM engine plants. Reseal your engine components with the same high-quality sealer used in the GM Production Line. ACDelco RTV Engine Sealant is a one-component, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) sealant. It is a high viscosity product t..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98616
The Edge Products 98616 EAS Control Kit allows you to monitor EGT's and adds the power switch to control multiple accessories with an on/off digital power switch. The EGT probe is a sensor that allows users to monitor critical Exhaust Gas Temperatures to ensure added power is not creating excessive ..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98618
The Edge Products 98618 EAS Data Logging Kit is the ultimate component kit for maximizing the use of your Edge Insight. This kits gives users the ability to monitor EGTs in two different locations, two 0-100 PSIg boost sensors, and two -40F to 300F temp sensors for unmatched monitoring. This ki..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98609
The Edge Products 98609 EAS Power Switch is an excellent upgrade for anyone that has or is planning to get an Edge Products CTS2 or CT3. This power switch wiring harness gives you the ability to install accessories such as lights or an air compressor and engage them from the CTS2 or CTS3. Due to the..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98920
The Edge Products 98920 EAS Replacement EGT Lead is a replacement for the original lead that comes with the Edge Products 98620. FEATURES: 15" LeadReplacement For 98620 Part number: 98920..

Brand: Edge Products Part Number: 98106
The Edge Products EAS OBDII Pass-Through Splitter is a great new way to add more functionality to the OBD-II port on your vehicle. This pass-through splitter is fully pinned with all 16-pins found in a standard OBD-II port, and allows you to plug in two separate products such as an Edge CTS2 unit, a..

Brand: LongHorn Fab Shop Part Number: 201043
The Longhorn Fab 201043 OBDII Port Splitter is the perfect solution to the common problem of multiple aftermarket electronics requiring use of the OBDII port. Instead of unplugging your digital gauges to hook up the laptop, the OBDII Port Splitter gives you the ability to have (2) connections a..

Brand: Odyssey Battery Part Number: 27-850-SF
Upgrade the battery in your vehicle with the Odyssey 27-850 Performance Series AGM Battery - ODP-AGM27. The Odyssey Performance System batteries offer a longer service life and increased reliability compared to a conventional battery.Odyssey starts with flat plates that are made out of 99.99% pure l..

Brand: Vibrant Performance Part Number: 24909
Vibrant Performance Male Hose End Fitting, 90 Degree; Size: -10AN; Thread: (12) 1-1/6"-12Material: AluminumWarranty: One Year Limited WarrantyPart Number: 24909..

Brand: Glacier Diesel Part Number: 0x0TGK
Fuel pressure test gauge kit. Your choice of:0-30 PSI Gauge 0-60 PSI Gauge 0-100 PSI GaugeThis kit is a must if you work on 98.5-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel trucks. On 98.5-02 VP44 trucks, adequate fuel pressure is imperative to the life of your injection pump. Questioning the stock lift..

Brand: FASS by Diesel Performance Products Part Number: FS-2001
FASS fuel/water filters offer premium diesel fuel filtration to keep your fuel system running clean, efficient and powerful.Water Separator (Use on BLUE Titanium Model)This filter is to be used as a direct replacement for your FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Fuel Filter and Water Separator part nu..

Brand: S&B Filters Part Number: R1186
This is a custom made to order filter that takes approximately 3-5 business days to ship. Because this is a custom filter, there is no returns or cancellations once ordered.   Specifications:Filter Type: Cleanable, 8-Layer Cotton (Blue Oiled) The Quantity of Oil: 65g Top Style: Black Uretha..

Brand: S&B Filters Part Number: WF-1031
For use with S&B Filters only P/N: WF-1031..

Brand: S&B Filters Part Number: CR-90021
Specifications:Flows 6.6% better than aFe Proguard7 at Vehicle's Rated Flow (526 cfm)* 99.37% Effiecient at 526 CFM (ISO Course Dust)*Oil details: 116 grams on filter element, 11 grams on Power Stack (Top) only red oil.** - Specific to the oiled variation of the filter.Compatible as r..

Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3593
Fleetguard LF3593 Oil Filter    Height: 167.64 mm Threadsize: 1 1/8-16 UN-2B..

Part Number: TASSM12772
409 stainless 24" body, straight through muffler. 30" overall  4" ID on both ends Part number: TASSM12772..

Brand: Hot Shots Secret Part Number: FKUNIV
This kit includes all of the parts and fittings necessary to install the Frantz Filter System on diesel OR gasoline-powered vehicles! Also perfect for home & RV standby generators, see Applications tab below. Includes:Frantz Filter System Hose Male Hose fittings Lock washer, bolt, and nut M..

Brand: XDP Diesel Part Number: XD195
The XDP Coolant Filtration System Replacement Ball Valve XD195 can be added on to the XDP Coolant Filtration System or used as a replacement for an old worn valve. While these valves might not be required on all kits, they make routine maintenance easier by reducing the amount of coolant loss during..

Brand: GDP Tuning Part Number: GDP11014
This splitter was made to allow stacking product that utilizes your vehicles factory OBDII port. Tuners, power steps, digital gauges, etc, all require connection to your OBDII port, and obviously your vehicle only came with one of those. Well now with our splitter you can have multiple aftermarket p..

Brand: G&R Diesel Part Number: GRD5001
The Billet iPhone 7 case has arrived! These cases are designed and engineered for superior fitment and protection, while looking great and being very lightweight. This phone case is guaranteed to get attention every time you use it! Depending on the model of cell phone, these cases only weight betwe..

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