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BD Power-19-22 Ram 6.7L Cummins BD Diesel 68RFE Stage 3 Transmission Build It Kit with Protect68

Are you looking to rebuild your own transmission, and need some specialty parts to match your application? BD offers a range of rebuild parts kits featuring the same parts we use in our own performance transmissions for the seasoned builder to complete the job. All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets, and have the added touches that range from stock HP up to our Stage 4 Master Kit - which is essentially everything we put in our own transmission rebuilds.


  • Custom bonded gasket valve body separator plate increases line pressure while stopping internal cross leaks
  • Heavy duty accumulator plate to prevent accumulator blowout
  • BD durable QT100 pressure plates allow for increased clutch counts and reduce deflection and distortion within the clutch drum
  • Upgraded One Way Clutch/Sprag
  • Over Drive clutches 17% increase and Under Drive clutches 20% increase
  • Qty 3: 2C Clutch Friction
  • Qty 3: 2C Clutch Steel
  • Qty 3: 4C Clutch Friction
  • Qty 3: 4C Clutch Steel
  • Qty 15: OD Clutch Friction
  • Qty 15: OD Clutch Steel
  • Qty 7: Reverse Clutch Friction
  • Qty 7: Reverse Clutch Steel
  • Filter - Pan
  • Filter - Spin On
  • Pump Cover
  • Billet OD/Reverse Selector Plate
  • Billet OD/UD Reaction Plate
  • Stiffer Billet Intermediate Reaction Plate
  • Stiffer Billet OD/Rev Reaction Plate
  • Billet 4C Spring Retaining Ring
  • Gasket - Oil Pan
  • Gasket - Solenoid Pack
  • Gasket Kit - Oil Cooler
  • Seal - Solenoid Pack Connector
  • Seal - 4wd Output Shaft
  • Seal - 2wd Output Shaft
  • Seal - Input Shaft
  • Seal Kit - 2-4C
  • Seal Kit - Input Drum
  • Seal Kit - Solenoid Pack
  • Seal Kit - Internal
  • Seal Kit - External
  • O-Ring - pump Cover
  • Check balls


  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles

  • The customer is required to clean, inspect and reuse their solenoid pack gasket. If it cannot be reused, it must be purchased together with the solenoid pack.
  • Tuning is required to increase transmission pump pressures

  • This product does not require an EO in California. By nature of its design, it is legal for sale and use in all 50 states. Replacement parts included. (EMS:4)

Part number: 1062027

Lame California Prop 65 Notice