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19-22 Ram 6.7L 68RFE Cummins Revmax Solenoid Pack Assembly

Fits: 2019-2022 Ram 6.7L 68RFE Cummins (With Blue Plug)

This RevMax 68RFE-801B Solenoid Pack Assembly as a replacement for the malfunctioning solenoid in the 68RFE of your 2019-2022 Ram 6.7L Cummins. When upgrading or replacing the valve body in your truck, it is advised that you replace the solenoid pack on high-mileage transmissions. These old solenoid packs can fail due to debris or simply wear out over time. This brand-new solenoid is a perfect replacement and is  tested to provide long service life. 

RevMax: 68RFE-801B

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