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89-91 Dodge 5.9L Cummins W/O AC Goodyear Gatorback Serpentine Belt

89-91 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with Air Conditioning, without intercooler.

A unique helical cog profile that includes advanced compounds that virtually eliminates chirps and squeals associated with pulley misalignment. High-strength tensile members maintain tension and extend wear resistance. Meets or exceeds SEA J1459 specs.

Belt Top Width (in)1.105
Belt Top Width (mm)28.067
Belt Effective Length (IN)67.500
Belt Effective Length (MM)1714.500
Number of Ribs8
Belt TypePoly-V Belt

Since Gatorback sold out to Continental you may receive a Continental branded belt.  It is the exact same as the Gatorbacks.

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 0129859711, 0129859718, 1234156, 1257777H1, 1270862, 12711046, 12711051, 129859711, 129859718, 1841562C1, 25080675, 25080675HD, 25080677, 25080677HD, 2578067, 303462781, 3289157, 3556327C1, 3905871, 3911579, 3972386, 4428100, 4933315, 5080675, 6732613871, 675K8, 87363088, 8K675, 8K677, 8PK1715, D11026617, D11027395, K080675, K080675HD, K080677, K080677HD, R120852, R135568, R136535, R500095, T178410

Part Number: 4080675

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