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91-97 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins Fleece PowerFlo Lift Pump

Only from Fleece, a complete fuel supply upgrade kit for your 1991-1997 Dodge Cummins.  Includes a new sending unit and float to get your fuel gauge working again! The PowerFlo Lift Pump is the latest OEM replacement performance lift pump from the diesel experts at Fleece Performance.  The PowerFlo is the only in-tank lift pump capable of supporting up to 800 hp! 


Direct OEM In-Tank Fitment: 

The PowerFlo Lift Pump requires no drilling, cutting, or sumps to cut into your fuel tank and installs in less than half the time of other high flow lift pumps.  

Dual Gerotor: 

Two is always better than one, and the PowerFlo delivers with two OEM quality gerotor pumps, increasing flow capacity and reliability over the factory pump.

Seamless Integration: 

The active fill bucket eliminates the need for tank sumps, draw straws, and the ¼ tank issues typically encountered when seeking a higher flow lift pump to meet your engine’s need.

Kit includes:

  • PowerFlo Lift Pump with integral fuel sender
  • 16' of push lock hose and all necessary AN fittings
  • Mechanical fuel pump block off plate (FPE-CUMM-FBOP)
  • Wiring harness and fuse taps
  • Flange tank seal


*Protected under US Patent No. D910,083 and US Trademark Reg. No. 6,878,860



IMPORTANT - Verify your existing MOPAR sending unit part number is listed in the table below. If your part number is not shown, then it is not verified to fit.  Many trucks have been retrofitted over time to gasoline model tanks and the SureFlo will not fit into a retrofitted tank configuration.  For Model Year 1998 trucks equipped with a 12 valve engine - your vehicle will require our 1998 12-valve specific kit (Part Number FPE-PF-CUMM-98-12V) .  These trucks would have been originally equipped with sending unit part number 52102079AB.


You can also verify your proper part number by the resistance range of the level sender on your existing unit.

If your stock sending unit ranges between 6 – 113 ohms – use FPE-PF-CUMM-9198

If your stock sending unit ranges between 20 - 220 ohms – use FPE-PF-CUMM-98-12V


IMPORTANT - Verify your OE MOPAR part number in the cross-reference chart:

Model YearReplaces MOPAR P/NPreviously Superseded P/N'sFuel Tank Size
1989 / 1990520046370449505222, 30, 34, and 36 Gallon
19915201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19925201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19935201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19944864735R4864735, 486473535 Gallon
1995486420904798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon
1996479867104798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon
1997479867104798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon


Fleece Performance: FPE-PF-CUMM-9197

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