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89-93 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins Dynomite Diesel 75-100HP STG2 injectors

These injectors will give you approximately 75-100 horsepower at the wheels.  We say about because there are so many differences between trucks and the adjustments to the pumps.  

These injectors can be used on a stock truck or one that has been modified.  Smoke and EGTs will be very controllable and just a bit more than stock.  Dodge 89-93 First Gen Injector SET: Stage 2 approximately 75-100 HP improvement over stock (50LPM).  With proper supporting modifications injectors will support up to 350 RWHP.  Sold as a brand new matched injector set.  Good smoke control.  Should be used with modified turbo & modified injection pump.

Your mileage will increase over stock with these injectors.  You will likely see 1-2 miles per gallon after your excitement wears off.

Included with your injectors, you will find copper sealing washers for the cylinder head and fuel return line.  We also include a large nut that screws onto your old injector to help you pry it from th head without damaging the threads.

These injectors are brand new and require no core.

As always, this product is covered by Dynomite Diesel's 1 year unlimited mileage warranty and our 30 day money back guarantee.

Non intercooled 89-91 5.9L Cummins trucks will require 9mm to 7mm adapters, sold separately.

Part number:8993-2

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