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14+ Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel EGR/Cooler Conversion Kit

14+ Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel EGR/Cooler Race Conversion Kit



I understand I must fill out & sign a waiver before this item will ship


2014+ Ram EcoDiesel EGR/Cooler Race Conversion Kit

This is an off-road race product and not legal for street use. Not for sale in California. Instructions NOT included.

Requires a off-road flash, ask you specific tuner if their tune supports removal.

Part number: DP0217

This product may defeat emissions systems via electronic or mechanical means and is STRICTLY  for off-road use only. According to the EPA Clean Air Act, it is illegal for use on any Federal, State, or Local public highways and illegal use is punishable by the penalties enacted by the mentioned laws. We do not condone illegal use of these products, and a Liability waiver must be filled out, signed, & returned before this item will ship. Click here for Online Liability Waiver or here for Fax/Email Liability Waiver. We do NOT accept returns on ANY emissions defeating electronics or equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS! This item CANNOT be shipped to California.

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