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12/24V Coolant Bypass Kit To Reduce Block Pressure At High RPM

12/24V Coolant Bypass Kit To Reduce Block Pressure At High RPM




Water Pressure Relief System/By-Pass Kit


Remove expansion plug from rear of block just below the cylinder head.  Clean surface and install plate.  Plumb 5/8” heater hose from plate to water pressure regulator “IN” port. Determine where you want to mount regulator and cut a section out of top radiator hose to install tee fitting.  We do not supply a mounting bracket with the regulator because of the preferences of customers to locate items where they choose.  A small u-bolt clamp is the simplest attaching device.  Once the system is installed, pressure can be adjusted by turning the valve at the top of the regulator.  If desired, customers can also trim up to 70% of the blades from the water pump impeller. 
The line running out of the block connects to the port further away from the "t" adjustment handle.

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