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10-12 6.7L Cummins G&R S400 2nd Gen Swap Kit

10-12 6.7L Cummins G&R S400 2nd Gen Swap Kit

From G&R Diesel G&R Diesel



*Only if you want the parts coated, enter the color you desire. Coating does not apply to the turbocharger.


  Bring more power and reliability to your 2010 - 2012 6.7 Cummins with our 2nd Gen Swap Kit! A correctly sized S400 turbo with good tuning works incredibly well for a daily driver/tow rig and even play on the track! We have found very low EGT's while towing, great drive pressure ratios and very good fuel economy with this setup. With proper tuning and turbo, a stock fuel 6.7 can make 600 rwhp and with an aftermarket fuel system, the sky is the limit! This kit will work with any S400 frame turbo that features T4 manifold flange, 4.62 flat V band exhaust outlet, 5" compressor inlet and 4.2" V band compressor outlet.

*** This kit is available for S400 SXE turbos as well ***

This is a complete INSTALL kit including:

  • 5" welded aluminum intake w/ MAF & IAT bungs
  • 4" 4.62 S400 downpipe w/ clamp
  • 3" aluminum intercooler tube
  • silicone intercooler boots
  • all stainless t-bolt clamps
  • billet aluminum fitting and coolant lines to remove EGR coolant riser
  • all necessary clamps, plugs and misc hardware for a clean install
  • INCLUDES 3 piece manifold!
  • braided stainless oil supply and drain lines

All kits are available raw or powder coated any choice of color.

Please allow 4-7 business days to build before shipping out. Call for express inquiries.

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