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07.5-10 Dodge 6.7L Cummins GDP Silicone EGR Cooler Bypass Hose

07.5-10 Dodge 6.7L Cummins GDP Silicone EGR Cooler Bypass Hose




Custom 4-ply 3/4" silicone heater hose for reconnection of the coolant passage from cylinder head to standpipe on '07.5-'10 6.7L Cummins applications. This is not a stretch/twist to fit hose from Napa but an application specific custom silicone hose.
If you have deleted your EGR cooler this custom molded cooler bypass hose gives you numerous option for coolant bypass. This hose was built for us with additional length on both connection legs to cover numerous applications. Legs will need to be trimmed to length depending on your preferred connection method.

'07.5-'08 trucks can connect in a number of ways. Use the stock Cummins stand-off in the head or use our lower profile barbed fitting in place of the Cummins stand-off. As an alternative you can also shorten the upper leg of the bypass hose and move your connect point to the head one port forward for the shortest bypass possible. This method works well in conjunction with our Pro-gate wastegate kits.

'09-'10 trucks require the use of our hose barb adapter at the standpipe. Once this adapter is installed the above methods also apply to these model years.

Includes Custom Bypass Hose and clamps.

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