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07.5-09 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 68RFE ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller

07.5-09 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 68RFE ATS Co-Pilot Transmission Controller




The ATS Co-Pilot transmission computer has many features that increase transmission reliability and performance. The Co-Pilot can be used on a stock factory 68-RFE transmissions or any aftermarket transmission although the ATS Co-Pilot has been specifically designed for use with the ATS transmission package.

In situations where the vehicle owner requires transmission holding ability above approximately 400HP the addition of the ATS Transmission and Five Star torque converter will be required due to the fact that the factory transmission and converter have mechanical and hydraulic limitations. Regardless of the transmission that the Co-Pilot is installed on all functionality will be present after the Co-Pilot is installed. The Co-Pilot also has a feature built into it that totally eliminates the problematic ‘”low-sprag or low-roller clutch” blow up syndrome that is common with the 68-RFE transmission. This is better described in the bottom of this document.

Dodge/Ram designed the transmission, torque converter and transmission control system to be part of the “torque management“ system. In large part this elaborate and complex design severely limits the torque capacity, performance and functionality of the transmission. The stock “torque management” design disables and limits the power that can be put through the transmission in situations when the power is most needed. The 68-RFE Co-Pilot eliminates the torque management based transmission control by providing all signals necessary to achieve proper line pressure, clutch application and to TCC control to provide for maximum transmission strength and performance while never setting a check engine light. All factory diagnostics are still active and the factory computer will notify the driver if there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the transmission.

Features of the 68-RFE Co-Pilot:
The ATS Co-Pilot commands the lock-up clutch of the torque converter while also controlling line pressure and internal clutch timing within the transmission to vastly improve the reliability of the 68-RFE 6-speed transmission. The ATS Co-Pilot has 2 driving settings; stock mode and performance mode. To switch between these two modes, you simply use the UP and DOWN arrow keys on the front panel. Switching between driving modes can be done while driving.

Stock Mode: = (Down arrow button)
The stock mode of the Co-Pilot uses optimized line pressures and factory lockup timing to improve drivability, reduce transmission temperatures and drastically improve the reliability of the transmission. This mode is best used with the factory exhaust brake because it follows the factory torque converter clutch (TCC) command.

Performance Mode = (Up Arrow button)
The performance mode also uses optimized line pressure incorporating a more aggressive torque converter apply strategy. Performance mode employs our unique torque based TCC engagement strategy to permit forced TCC engagement for high torque situations. When the Co-Pilot is driven in the performance mode, the TCC is engaged based on engine torque output, boost and throttle position. A new feature also incorporated into the Co-Pilot performance mode is part-throttle TCC drop-out. When not under boost, this feature allows a slight increase in engine RPM allowing the turbo to spool and generate boost to effortlessly accelerate the truck. As turbo boost is gained and engine torque comes up the converter clutch is pulsed in coupling engine torque to the transmission providing a smooth positive power transfer. These programming features drastically improve transmission performance during aggressive driving and towing while increasing transmission reliability.

Race Mode = (Automatic in both Performance and Stock mode)
As mentioned earlier, the 68-RFE transmission is controlled using a “torque management” strategy rather than a “torque based” strategy. Due to the fact the Co-Pilot is a secondary add on box or standalone box there are several added benefits that can be achieved taking this approach. A very common problem that the 68-RFE has is its very weak low one way sprag or one way mechanical clutch. The low sprag is used to transfer all the power from the rear gear set to the wheels. In basic terms the wimpy 3-inch diameter low sprag must hold all the engine power and transfer it to the ground when on first gear. In instances that the low sprag is over torqued the one way clutch fails and catastrophic transmission damage occurs. Because of the physical limits of the 68-RFE case and gear set there is no way to increase the size of the mechanical clutch. This physical limitation limits the transmissions ability to hold BIG power in first gear. The Co-Pilot has a huge advantage in this area! Because the Co-Pilot is an add on standalone box it has many advantages over a TCM “re-flash”. One of these advantages is the ability to command the LOW-CLUTCH during high power situations. During a situation that the vehicle is used for a hard launch such as drag racing, snow plowing, sled pulling or just generall wide open throttle acceleration the Co-Pilot automatically senses the load and the low clutch pack is engaged, totally routing power around the weak low sprag. Because of this action there is no fear that the low sprag will fail because it is not used.

Everyday driving, towing, racing. Stock transmission, aftermarket transmission or ATS Transmission. The Co-Pilot is the only way to go if you are looking for the best in transmission performance.

ATS Part number: 6019012326

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